Mar 082013

While watching this, remove the gorilla and insert a sasquatch.  Is this level of interaction with a bigfoot possible?  Could it be that extended video of this quality could remove the need of a type specimen (a dead one) to prove the species?  I think it’s at least possible, and certainly worth a try.

People claim to have achieved this level of interaction with bigfoots, but so far these stories are just that: stories.  I suggest that to avoid the killing of a bigfoot, people who say they have this level of interaction should produce video of this quality or better.

I’m not saying, “Put up or shut up.”  I’m saying that we should do this for them, the big guys.  There are already several groups actively pursuing the killing of a specimen.  One will eventually be successful.  Can those who take a more compassionate stance beat them to the punch?

Bigfoots are real.  The “discovery” of the species is inevitable.  Can we avoid killing one to prove they are real?  Not unless we try.

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  1. Cliff keep up the good work and prove real

  2. wish I was able to help you

  3. Please keep this conservation ethic without killing a bigfoot to prove they're real. You're doing excellent work!

  4. I certainly wouldn't want to be the guy in the woods shooting one, knowing full well that there are others around and not knowing what their reaction would be to one of their own being murdered. Given the fact that they are 300-600 pounds, I certainly wouldn't want to make them angry. Also, how will they ever trust a human?

  5. That shows if a wild animal turst a human look what can be achieved by learning from them.

  6. I so pray that this type of interaction can be achieved with bigfoot. So much better than producing a dead body. These creatures deserve our respect.

  7. Cliff, it could be done with a study like Dian Fossey's or Jane Goodall who lived in and among the primates. You would have to find someone who would be able to take a few years off and go live with Bigfoots. And you would need to have a good idea where some might be. It would take a grant, either from an environmental organization or a university or philanthropist, so that the person could be supported and have the necessary equipment. But it most certainly is achievable.

  8. I notice you not naming names here. I have to wonder if you are referring to Dr. Matthew Johnson. (I actually think his habituation technique would be the most successful and proving existence without killing) I personally think that Todd Standing in his panic to protect these creatures has faked videos in order to do so. It's a shame. All that time in the field and his credibility is shot.

    Science is a slow process that requires much patience in midst of many failures. Until bigfooters accept this, there will be many more who hoax in their quest.

  9. Couldn't agree with you more, Cliff. It angers me every time I hear some bigfoot "researcher" say they want to bring back a body as proof. We don't need to destroy them to prove they exist. I appreciate all you do for the big hairy guys!

  10. I would love to see a teaming up of Dr. Jeff Meldrum and the Jane Goodall Institute. Flood the woods with teams of Wildlife Biology, Zoology, and Antropology grad students. Embed them for months to habituate then study them. (much like the techniques of Goodall and Fossey or anthropologists who have studied the most primitive tribes of humans) Produce up close photos and videos done by those funded with credible backers not looking to make a buck. I think then we would have irrefutable proof.

    It would be wonderful is someone would AT LEAST hold a symposium. Invite credible scholars in the fields of zoology, wildlife biology, primatology, anthropology, and forensic experts (prints) and come up with possible methods for proving such species exists – the best game plan- if you will.

  11. I am on board. I don't want to have any bigfoots shot, other than good quality video footage. Compelling, clear, clean footage can be done, and should be, to further understand these magnificent beings. I hope that those that are LTW's will aid in this effort. They are in the postion to do the most good.

  12. I am an amateur archeologist in New England and I have found some fossilized human footprints. I have posted a film about them on U-Tube and a couple pictures on my Face Book page. Among these prints are some very unusual ones and ones that are very large. The only people that have taken any interest in these are members of the BFRO, which is not surprising. The BFRO are the only people I have talked to that are interested in anything. So called "legitimate" scientists have ignored this region terribly. Ii have made many discoveries that are all but dismissed or ignored. I need someone from this region to help me document these tracks. I can assure you that this is no joke. I have also found solid evidence of a large human presence in New England going back well before the last age of glaciation. I have found fossilized human remains. This is important work that no one else has done here,