May 202013

Bigfoot Road Trip (due out this June) is a DVD unlike any others both in content and format.  It is divided up into eight chapters, each with its own theme and journey.  One of the chapters details the events surrounding the finding, casting, and analysis of the London Tracks.  While the full length of the London Cast chapter is well over 20 minutes long, Craig Flipy and I thought you’d like to see a super-condensed preview of this section.  Enjoy!

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  1. Great video Cliff. I'm very excited for the release of the DVD, and I can't wait to hear what Dr. Meldrum has to say about the prints. I'm still cracking up at Guy's face when he saw the prints!

  2. Great going Cliff. Although I encourage researchers to go for that perfect video that is better than the Patterson grimlin film I understand that casting such great prints is part of the proof the public needs.

  3. Thanks for the sneak peak, Cliff… can't wait for the entire DVD!

  4. This clip just sold 1 DVD to me!