Jan 132012

Joel McHale puts his sights on Bobo in a recent episode of The Soup.

Look for the segment around the 1 minute mark.  Enjoy!

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  1. "Finding Bigfoot" is my favorite show, but "The Soup" is my favorite comedy show. Putting them together is divine. You know, I talk to a lot of people who follow the BF world and they all have only the best to say about BoBO and pretty much everyone agrees, if we're going on a hunt–he's our right hand man. I'm glad he got his dream fulfilled and I'm glad he landed on The Soup doing it. Double win for me.

  2. The best part is that his lifetime dream was to have a baboon out in the woods with him screaming it's head off

  3. Don't make me laugh!!!

  4. PLEASE ~ Don't make fun of BOBO! He is my absolute FAVORITE DUDE EVER!!! Going out "squatching" with him and the gang is in on my BUCKET LIST …. which by the way is coming a bit faster than we would all like!!!!!!

    I have your back BOBO, I may have cancer, but I can still kick squatchy butt when I need too!!!! Love ~ Kymie


  5. That sucks.I can't watch it.Not available in Canada?We're neighbours.

  6. Yeah leave Bobo alone! He's MUCH smarter and better looking than scrawny Joel…..

  7. Tried to watch it but it says it's private…perhaps my browser?