Star Wars and Sasquatch, Together Again

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May 122017


Yes, it’s really true.

Like most people my age, I am a fan of Star Wars, and have been since seeing the original in the theaters back in 1977.  At that early age, I even thought that Chewbacca was a sasquatch, which of course makes me smile all these years later due to the whole Matilda fiasco, but I digress.  

Whenever Star Wars crosses with the bigfoot subject, I am, of course interested, so when I saw the graphic above I wanted to learn more.  As it turns out, the story above is true!  There is, in fact, a comic book with this story line that was produced by Dark Horse Comics with the above story line.  The story, entitled Into the Great Unknown, is contained in Star Wars Tales, Volume 19.

As it turns out, the comic book itself seems to be out of print.  The only link Amazon has is below:

Star Wars Tales Vol. 19

The good news is that someone has put the comic book out on Youtube for everyone’s enjoyment.  So, below is the Youtube version of that comic book, but be sure to give it a read in case the copyright folks notice that it’s up!  

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May 082014
Cliff and himself

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference brought together bigfooters, vendors, and artists.  One artist, Eric Fargiorgio, was kind enough to do a caricature of me as a gift.  Thank you, Eric.

Can you name the other two bigfooters here?

For more information on Eric’s art, click this link.

Mar 202014
One design of many that depict
everyone’s favorite unknown biped.

Recently, the artwork of Marvin McCloud has come to my attention.  It was initially his bigfoot designs that impressed me, but now that I’ve become aware of his skills, his other subjects leave me no less impressed and astounded.  Marvin has excellent depictions of just about any animal you’d want on a necklace.  Bigfoot? Check!  Orange Pendek?  Check!  Mastadons?  You betcha.  

You have to see this guy’s stuff to believe it.  With over 3500 designs, it might take you a while, though.  
Jul 242013
Allison drawing in the sand at outdoor school many years ago.

Before I made television for a living, I was an elementary school teacher.  I largely worked in the upper elementary grades, and the last year I worked in the classroom I taught sixth grade.  After teaching for fourteen years, and one of the great joys of teaching is hearing from former students.

One of my former students, Allison, recently reached out to me.  Allison was a talented writer when she was in my classroom, and apparently she has continued to hone her wordsmithing craft.  Below is a bigfoot poem she was kind enough to compose for her former teacher.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Whoosh, crack, crunch,
Something’s on the rush.
Whistle, croak, howl,
We wanna find him, but how?
Look what he’s left behind,
Great big footprints in mud and brine!
Is it false, hoax, or a ruse?
But it could just be the truth!
Is he a lost cousin from the distant past?
Or maybe something only revealed at last?
Oh, these questions spin ‘round and ‘round,
But one thing’s for certain, he’s gotta be found!
But we don’t wanna hunt him with guns and darts,
We’re open to finding with pictures and marks.
So get your cameras, gather your pens,
Let’s go meet nature’s new friend.
He doesn’t exist? How could this be
When we’ve seen the proof right below the trees?
I think he’s out there, just hiding from sight,
All those people must be a fright!
So whether you call him Bigfoot or ‘Squatch,
When you’re in the woods, be on the watch,
He’s there in the shadows like wolves and bears,
And like them, too, be quiet and don’t scare
(Not that he would really care).
– Allison
Jun 112013
A new children’s book has hit the stands to help encourage the young people in your life to start bigfooting.  Cindy Rose Caddell has combined her love for bigfooting with her artistic skills as a photographer and artist to produce a well-written book perfect for any bigfooter between the ages of two and nine years of age.  
You can buy the book from Amazon by clicking this link.  
Sep 012011

Andy Finkle, crypto-artist extraordinaire and friend of the ‘squatch, has honored me by painting my portrait.  The piece, which you see below, shows me with my characteristic smile, adorning my beatnik shades and beanie.  What a totally cool surprise, and a pleasure to see.

Andy has done a number of other second-tier celebrities, as well as portraits of various cryptids.  He does portraits on commission too, and for a very reasonable price.  Look at the rest of his work, or perhaps even commission Andy to do a portrait of someone you love, on  
Oh yeah, he also sometimes goes on “bigfoot peace safaris.”  Me too!