Blueberry Bog Knocks 8/16/17

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Aug 172017
Blueberry Bog

The Blueberry Bog in late summer

The Blueberry Bog is one of the best bigfooting locations I have yet found in Mount Hood National Forest.  Between a small number of researchers and me, a dozen or more sasquatch encounters have occurred here.  Most have come in the form of knocks, but there also have been camp visitations, whoops, long calls, and gifting interactions reported from these researchers.  No sightings have yet occurred, but there are also no reports from here in any of the online databases nor from any book I have ever read.  It’s a good spot.  

I visited this location back in June on a day trip.  The mosquitoes were beyond bad.  It is nearly impossible to be in the area until some drying happens in the forest and the mosquitoes decrease in numbers dramatically.  One of the researchers in my inner circle has been in the area a couple times this summer scouting for hunting season.  Elk and deer sign was abundant.  Sign of very large canines was also identified.  The possibility of wolves exists, and would be very interesting to verify with a visual sighting.  That would be newsworthy, I suspect.  

My schedule freed up enough for my wife and I to make a quick overnight to the Blueberry Bog this past week.  It’s a beautiful area with abundant wildlife and a stunning view of Mount Hood, so no matter if the bigfoots were there or not, I knew it would be a great trip.  However, at least one bigfoot was there.  

Long after dark and shortly after midnight, the wood ducks in the nearby bog were restless.  They vocalized and moved around the swamp in an agitated way.  An unidentified vocalization came from north at 12:37 am.  The whistle you hear is accompanied by another sound behind it.  If you think you know what made this noise, please contact me and share your idea with me.  It would be best to include a reference recording from online with your suggestion for verification purposes.  


Just before one o’clock, we heard a knock coming from north of camp.  In years past, a knock from this area is often the first sign of a sasquatch being in the area, and usually right around this time of night.  Sure enough, twenty minutes later, a loud knock occurred just a short distance east of camp.  


Captivated, we listened intently for the next hour and heard nothing unusual except the continued distress of the local waterfowl.  I was thrilled that the sasquatches seemed to be back on their old schedule (some logging in the past five years seemed to have disrupted the activity a bit).  My wife was thrilled to hear a good, loud knock.  We were both happy to share the experience.  

The above recordings were obtained using a Zoom H6.  For more information on audio recorders I’ve used for bigfooting, click here.  

Springs, swamps, and the accompanying plant life permeate the area around the Blueberry Bog.

Where Bigfoot Walks – Crossing the Dark Divide

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Aug 032017

Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide 
By Dr. Robert Pyle

One of my favorite bigfoot books (and one that has been on my list of excellent additions to any bigfoot library for a long time) has been reprinted this year with a new chapter!  The butterfly specialist and wordsmith, Dr. Robert Pyle, has updated his classic tome, Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide.  

This isn’t your average bigfoot book in that it isn’t full of sighting reports and evidence supporting the existence of an undiscovered hominoid species.  This book is from the perspective of an educated, open-minded skeptic who takes a personal journey into the mystery (which is more than most skeptics do).  His knowledge of the terrain and environment of the Dark Divide, an area deep in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, comes forth in his writing, as does his appreciation of the natural beauty of the area.  

This book doesn’t necessarily persuade the reader that bigfoot is real, but it does something equally important.  It persuades the reader that the possibility exists, and this is often the first step into a larger world for the uninformed on the subject.  Dr. Pyle takes you on his journey with him, and shows that the mystery itself is a valuable thing for us all.  The quest is worth the journey, though the final destination of that quest is uncertain.  

And, as an added bonus, the newest edition includes a few words from yours truly as well.  

I will be making an appearance in White Salmon, WA with Dr. Pyle on October 28th where he will be doing a reading from his book.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet Dr. Pyle, you really should make an effort to do so.  His thoughtful perspective on the subject is a delight to hear, to say the very least. 

Click on the link above to pick up your copy.

Disclaimer: This page was made possible by a partnership from Amazon Associates who grants me a small commission on what you buy through the links. But, all opinions and reviews are my own, and these products wouldn’t be featured if I didn’t think it could help you be a better bigfooter.  

May 082014
Cliff and himself

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference brought together bigfooters, vendors, and artists.  One artist, Eric Fargiorgio, was kind enough to do a caricature of me as a gift.  Thank you, Eric.

Can you name the other two bigfooters here?

For more information on Eric’s art, click this link.

Jan 182014
A great piece of art available from
Lantern Press.  Click here to purchase.

Even though I mostly live on the road, I do still love to hear what’s happening back home in Portland, OR.  I follow numerous websites for the latest information on weather, culture, and forest issues.  Just this past week, an item caught my attention from Multnomah Falls, a beautiful waterfall east of Portland that is a popular tourist attraction, and a location where there have been numerous bigfoot encounters.

Apparently, Benson Bridge was struck by a large boulder that damaged the bridge and forced the authorities to temporarily close it and the trail until they can do the necessary repairs.  Don’t worry, though.  Multnomah Falls is still open for your viewing pleasure.

It is said that a rock fell from the cliffs above and damaged the bridge.  Still, I wonder if it could have been something else?

Below are the press release and a map of where the closure occurred.  Hikers have already been stranded out there because of the bridge closure, so if you are planning on any hiking trips in the area, please keep in mind the situation.  Winter in the Gorge can present life-threatening conditions, and one does not want to be stranded out there overnight!

Dec 142013

A local band called Blacksleep contacted me a while back to do some spoken word vocal tracts for a song they were writing.  The song, entitled White Whale, is about searching for something that others say doesn’t exist, such as Moby Dick, or a sasquatch.  The band has finally released their digital album, and I am thrilled to be able to share the track I collaborated with them on below.

Check out this band’s Facebook page, or click this link to download their album for free.  A hard copy of their CD can be ordered from this same link, and is only $10.  This is a rare opportunity to support an independent band, as well as show your interest in bigfoots at the same time.

Dec 102013

I’ve always thought that maybe Starbucks wasn’t squatchy enough, and now I know for sure.  A new company from the Oregon Coast has produced some joe that can keep me up all night bigfooting, and they have an appropriate name to boot.

The Bigfoot Coffee Company has a Facebook page and is requesting that you go there and “like” it.  Check back often for updates and news about distribution of their coffee.  A pound of Bigfoot Coffee would make an excellent gift for the bigfooter on your Squatchmas list!

Oct 212013
The Willow Creek movie poster holds some
very disturbing, yet fascinating images.

My favorite bigfoot movie, Willow Creek is coming to Portland, OR.  And the best part is that I am actually on break from filming this week and will be able to attend!  

Willow Creek is the most recent “found footage” genre film by actor, comedian, and director Bobcat Goldthwait.  I reported about the movie after seeing a screening in Arcata, CA a few months ago, and was blown away by the movie.  I laughed at my friends in the footage, and loved the tension Goldthwait built up in several scenes of the movie.  I feel he captured the eerie feeling of what a real bigfoot encounter can be like.  
If you’re in the Portland, OR area this Tuesday, I strongly recommend you come to the Hollywood Theater to check out this film.  I’ll be there, Bobcat will be there, and you never know who else might show up.  
Me, you, and Bobcat
Willow Creek movie screening
Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212
Tuesday Oct. 22
7:30 pm
How much: 
Bryce Johnson (the leading male actor in Willow Creek) poses
with Cliff and Bobcat at the Orleans Ranger Station in CA
Sep 292013

A few days ago, I posted another cast to my ever-growing bigfoot footprint database.  This was the Stillaguamish cast from 1980, documented by Douglas Trapp.  Shortly thereafter, I received an email from my good friend Daniel Perez, publisher of the Bigfoot Times newsletter.  He knew Douglass Trapp personally around this same time, and indeed did investigations with him on more than one occasion.  Daniel supplied me with the above newspaper clipping from the Lake Stevens Journal that gives details about the track find.

Most interestingly, this article supplies us with what might be the only photograph of the other footprint cast taken at the site (there’s another avenue I’m working on that might supply us with more photos, but this is far from certain).  In my research on the cast in Dr. Meldrum’s collection, I discovered language that seemed to indicate there was more than one cast made at the site, and that the “only surviving” cast was to be found in Meldrum’s lab.  Thanks to the photos that accompany this article, now we know for sure.

Jun 272013

A bigfoot conference entitled, “Bigfoot Discovery Days” will be held on August 2nd and 3rd in West Branch, MI.  Speaking at this conference will be Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University, and local investigators Phil Shaw and Jim Sherman.  There will be many activities to partake in, and it should be a great regional event for bigfooters in this part of the country to come together and network.

Here is the schedule:

Place: Clinton Township Hall 
4232 Abbe Road 
Comins, Michigan
Time: Friday, August 2, 2013 
11am – 2pm
Cost: $10 Presentation and Catered Lunch
More Information: Nelson @ 989.848.2246

130 Page St.
West Branch, MI 48661
Visit the Bigfoot Discovery Days website for more information!