Jun 042013
Sharon Lee and Moninca Rawlings are hosting a series of bigfoot expeditions.  The first is to be held June 13 – 16 at the legendary Salt Fork State Park in eastern Ohio.  Having bigfooted there before, I can attest that it is an excellent area to seek the big guys.  

Here is more information from their website:

For four days and three nights, you can experience the thrill of a lifetime searching for the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. Join seasoned researchers as they take you on an expedition, learn from seminars and hands on training, as well as actual night investigations, to help you along the road of Bigfoot research. 

I am a big proponent of attending public expeditions because you get to learn from experienced researchers, and you can network with others who share this same unusual interest. The people you meet make bigfooting even more rewarding.

You can register for a Bigfoot Adventure Weekend for a very reasonable price by clicking this link.

May 202013

Bigfoot Road Trip (due out this June) is a DVD unlike any others both in content and format.  It is divided up into eight chapters, each with its own theme and journey.  One of the chapters details the events surrounding the finding, casting, and analysis of the London Tracks.  While the full length of the London Cast chapter is well over 20 minutes long, Craig Flipy and I thought you’d like to see a super-condensed preview of this section.  Enjoy!

Mar 282013

The Sasquatch Field Guide
by Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Finally, a concise and well-written field guide has been published to help the bigfoot field investigator document various types of evidence in an appropriate way. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a field guide on heavy-duty, waterproof card stock that literally fits in your back pocket or backpack, adding little weight to those ounce-sensitive backpackers with an interest in collecting data from the backcountry. Seemingly thinking of everything, Dr. Meldrum has even included a ruler along the top margin of the Guide so the researcher will always have a scale item for any photos taken in the woods.
The Sasquatch Field Guide not only helps researchers with identifying possible spoor left by bigfoots, but it also helps him or her reduce the possibility of misidentifying signs of other animals for those of sasquatches. Also included in the Field Guide are easy-to-understand directions on how to gather and store data in the field in preparation for future analysis. The Guide uses colors and diagrams making it easy to read and understand, which could be the difference between successfully gathering data and blowing it when under the pressure of dealing with the real thing out in the field.
Sections in the Sasquatch Field Guide include information on visual identification, footprint identification, track casting, gathering footprint metrics, hair samples, scat samples, tree breaks, nests, cultural signs, stacked rocks, habitat and distribution, diet, vocalizations, possible origins, and taphonomy. This hefty brochure-style guide is densely-packed with valuable information that all field researchers should be intimately acquainted with.
Feb 052013
Cliff speaking at the 40th Anniversary
Celebration of the PG Film in
Willow Creek, CA

The Gifford Pinchot National Forest office has invited me to be a guest speaker at their monthly gathering entitled “Volcano Views and Brews.”  I will be doing two separate presentations next week on February 12th and February 14th.  Both are open to the public, and totally free!  It will be a small, intimate gathering of bigfooters and laymen.  Bigfoot talk will be plentiful, and so will the good beers.  Come share both with me.

Tuesday, Feb. 12
My presentation will cover some of the most compelling reasons why I believe bigfoots are a real species.  Topics will include video footage, photographs, vocalizations, and detailed analysis of footprint evidence, including the London prints.  I will bring several of the original London casts, as well as a variety of other casts from my collection.  Some specimens will be available for sale.

The details:
801 Washington St.
Vancouver, WA. 
Happy Hour 3:00pm – 6:00pm, 
Speaker at 6:30pm.
Thursday, Feb. 14
What better Valentines date could there be than nerding out about bigfoot stuff?  This night’s presentation will be my detailed analysis of the Clackamas River photograph.  I presented this topic last year at another informal gathering in Portland, OR.  The photograph has never been published anywhere, and will be one of the centerpieces in my upcoming DVD release, Bigfoot Road Trip (co-produced by Craig Flipy).  Spoiler alert!!!  I think the Clackamas River photograph is a real bigfoot.  Come hear how I came to this conclusion.
924 15th Avenue
Longview, WA
Speaker starts at 6:30pm.
I hope that if you live within reasonable driving distance to either of these locations, that you will consider coming out and enjoying a night of talking bigfooting.  See you there!

To request Cliff as a speaker at your event, click here.

Jan 312013
Scott in the Cascades in May, 2005

It is with great sadness that I share the news that researcher, witness, and friend Scott McClean has lost his battle with cancer.

Scott was the first and best at mining historical archives for newspaper reports detailing sasquatch encounters dating all the way back to the early 1800’s.  His interest in the subject was spurred by seeing a juvenile sasquatch run across the road in front of his car while on a college road trip.  He described the creature as a “jawa” for years due to its coloration and pointed head.

Besides his bigfoot interest, his love for the Greenbay Packers was legendary, and he ran a website devoted to this love.  Whenever we hang out, good conversation, good beer, and good times could be counted on.

Scott, you will be sorely missed.

Bob Gimlin with Scott McClean in May, 2009

Craig Flipy and Scott McClean in Willow Creek in July, 2012

Thank you to Tom Yamarone for sharing his photographs with me for this blog post. 
Jan 282013

Author, researcher, and friend, Loren Coleman has centralized his essays and writings into a new platform for the cryptozoological world to enjoy.  His fans can now read his most recent essays, as well as his archived works, at the CryptoZooNews blog.

Being the most prolific writer in any cryptozoological field, (including my favorite, the bigfooting one) nearly everyone in this biz has read one or more of Loren’s many books.  His tomes on Tom Slick and the early days of bigfooting set a standard of research rarely matched by other crypto-historians.  He has been researching his interests for literally decades, and knows, or has met, just about everyone else who shares his love for the unknown creatures that live in the dark corners of our planet.

I think it’s fair to say that we can expect good things from Loren in the future as he pursues his passions on his own platform.  I have added his new blog to my blog list below, and will be reading it faithfully.

Click here to go to Loren Coleman’s CryptoZooNews blog.

Nov 172012

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about a certain little bigfooter on your Xmas list.  There are some good gift ideas around, but few are as cool (or as bigfooty) as the Sasqwatch Watch.  Perhaps this would make a nice (and inexpensive) stocking stuffer?  Click here to get your own.

And for those cynics out there: No, I do not get a piece of any sales for this timepiece (though for the sake of full disclosure, the manufacturer gave me a free one over a year ago).  I just think they’re cute and bigfooty.

Oct 202012
It is once again St. Patty’s day, named after the bigfoot filmed 45 years ago today.  I know that this film has played a huge role in many a bigfooter’s life, including my own, so it seems appropriate to pause for a moment and show some gratitude to Roger Patterson, Bob Gimlin, and Patty herself for converging on Bluff Creek that day.
A lot of excellent work has been done in recent years to validate the film.  Most notable, in my opinion, is the work done by Bill Munns.  Along with Mr. Munns, Steven Streufert and Robert Leiterman have put in quite a bit of effort to properly document the exact location of the film site that was until recently lost to time.
I had the opportunity to go to the PG film site this past summer with Bill Munns, Steven Streufert, Robert Leiterman, and a host of other bigfooters.  In honor of the film, I will post some of the photos taken on this trip. Enjoy!
Bill Munns and Cliff Barackman
Cliff Barackman and the big tree from
the background of the PG Film

Bill Muns walking next to the location where Patty was first seen
on the film.  She walked along the path that is marked
with the yellow rope.

Roger Patterson started filming at the spot
marked with the rock pile.  He ran along the
course marked with the yellow rope until
falling to his knees shy of where the
river’s berm is today.

Bill Munns and Steven Streufert matching their maps to the the film
The rediscovery crew standing very near where Patty walked in
the most famous frame of the film
Oct 182012

If you live anywhere close to Felton, CA (in the redwoods right outside of Santa Cruz), you should make your way over next weekend for Bigfoot Discovery Day V. This is an event that you will not want to miss, especially since it’s being held on the anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Film, and will feature an important piece of bigfooting history.

Here is a description of the festivities written by the event’s host, Mike Rugg:

Consider this a personal invitation to our bigfoot gathering coming up on the anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Film here in Felton. We are making this a special event by showing the recently recovered “Big Reel”(as Mrs Patterson described it) for the first time since c.1970. It features Al DeAtley, John Napier and Patterson himself interviewing witnes
ses and introducing “Reel 2” (the actual film of the Sasquatch.)

There will be a panel of experts to discuss the PG Film including Bill Munns, Jeff Meldrum, Robert Leiterman and others. Also featured will be the first public showing of new evidence from Bart Cutino. Other “celebrity” bigfooters may also appear (TBA.)

Bigfoot Discovery Day V October 20, 2012
11-4 at the museum $5.00 (for BBQ lunch)
5-10 Patterson Film presentation and panel at Felton Town Hall
$20 each at the gate (members & seniors 18)
$15 advance ticket order (members & seniors 12)
Children under 12 free

PayPal tickets via: harrybiped@yahoo.com

Mike Rugg