Bigfoot Lying on Hwy 299 – July 14, 2016 Sighting

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Jan 122017

Bigfoot lying in Hwy 299 west of Del Loma, CA.

A witness named Jeremy (last name withheld) recently submitted an interesting bigfoot sighting report from California to my online sighting report form.

On July 14, 2016, a man in his mid-sixties was driving west on Highway 299 at approximately 3 am on his way to Crescent City, CA.  He was travelling quite fast, upwards towards 75 mpg on the twisty, dark road.  Somewhere shortly after Del Loma, but before Hwy 299 crosses to the south side of the Trinity River, the man accelerated out of a right curve the man swerved into the oncoming lane in order to avoid hitting a huge object laying smack in the middle of his lane and partially in the left lane as well.  The witness observed the object as best he could while his headlights swept across the figure lying a full six feet across the lane. 

Highwy 299 just west of Del Loma, CA

The witness described what he saw as black, but not shiny black.  His first thought was that it was a very large tire from a front end loader lying in the lane, but there were no treads on it and it was one uniform color from one end to the other.  It was very large, being almost as high as the hood of his Toyota Prius.  The witness then realized that he saw from the shoulders to the buttocks of a large figure lying in the fetal position across the lane. 

Lying fetal in the middle of the road seems like a strange thing for a bigfoot to be doing, but this behavior is not unprecedented in bigfoot reports.  Charlie Raymond from the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization recently shared a presentation in which he details several reports of just this behavior from other credible witnesses.  Remembering this, I contacted Charlie and he was generous enough to do a follow up interview with the witness.  Below are excerpts from his notes with the witness’ name removed.

I called the witness and left a message. The witness promptly returned my call. It was immediately apparent the witness was excited, highly intelligent and very articulate. He’s an ex-Army helicopter pilot and has been a special education teacher for 26 years.  I asked him if it could have possibly been a black bear hit by a car?  He adamantly denied it by saying, “This was much too wide at the shoulders and much too huge to have been a bear!  From its shoulders to hips was at least 5-6 feet, not including the neck, head or legs!  I have 20/20 vision. After passing the creature, I was totally flabbergasted…stunned!”

Because the witness was in rush to reach his destination, he was travelling close to 75 mph.  As he entered a long curve, the creature was ‘already’ in the fetal position. It never moved a muscle. The witness swerved to his left into the oncoming lane just in time to miss it, coming within 2-3 feet from its shoulders. The witness estimated the shoulders at about 30” in height, which was the same height as the hood of his car. It had solid black hair.  When I asked him how long was the hair, he said, “I don’t recall.  All I know, it was uniform in color from its shoulders to its hips.”  He added, “The shoulders and hips were more rounded, not squared-off like a huge tractor tire and no noticeable tread. It definitely had black hair. This was no doubt an animal. The shoulders were much wider than the hips.”

In regard to it lying in the fetal position on the road:

This rather peculiar behavior happens more often than one would think. In some cases, it’s in the cold winter on an isolated country road. In that case, perhaps the Bigfoot was benefiting from the warm road?  In the above case, something else seemed to have caused this behavior because it occurred in July.

Here are some related encounters involving Bigfoots lying in the road.

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Follow up report by Charlie Raymond, Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization


A huge thanks to Charlie Raymond for following up with the witness, and to Terry Thomas for an excellent artist recreation of what the witness reported!

Dec 012012
This is a frame from the Brown Thermal Footage
with the contrast and brightness enhanced.
The polarity has been reversed, so black is hot.

On May 8, 2012, a very interesting piece of thermal footage was obtained by Stacy Brown Sr. in Florida. His son, Stacy Brown Jr., contacted me a while back to ask for my help with trying to authenticate the footage. Knowing that no footage can ever be proven to be a bigfoot beyond a doubt (some folks still doubt the Patterson/Gimlin Film, after all) I set about trying to extract as much information out of the clip as possible. Perhaps some of this information could shed some light on whether or not the clip could even be considered as real. Below are my thoughts and conclusions on this remarkable piece of footage.

The Brown Footage

This interesting clip of video was obtained by a father and son team from Florida on May 8, 2012, sometime between midnight and 1 am. Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. are the minds behind the website, The Sasquatch Hunters. The two men were bigfooting somewhere on the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy on the night they got their footage. The exact location is between the property where the Bridges have their ongoing encounters, and where I recorded a “whoop” vocalization last year.

The night the two men were camping, they tried a passive approach by simply having a campfire and playing loud music on a stereo. Every once in a while the duo would go for walks without using any lights. No other campers or people of any sort were ever observed on that night, and both witnesses are sure they were the only people present.

Stacy Brown Sr. was armed with a FLIR Scout thermal imager with which he was continually scanning the nearby woods. He had the polarity switched on the FLIR, so that the warm things in the viewfinder appeared black as opposed to the more commonly used white.

At some point in the evening, they heard some knocks, so they walked in that direction. Every time they heard noises, it seemed like it was just a little bit ahead of them, no matter how far they went. Stacy Sr. then saw a heat signature from behind some trees a little ways off into the palmettos. Whatever it was stepped briefly out into the open. What Stacy Sr. saw was a large, man-shaped figure take one long step and disappear into the brush. He turned to his son who had not seen the figure at all and said, “We gotta go.”

Read the rest of my analysis by clicking this link.

Jul 252010

Below is a comment that was submitted to another of my blog posts recently.  I was leaving town the same day I read the comment, so I could not investigate this myself.  

Gordon Creek: a place to remain concealed.

This is the fourth or fifth incident that has been reported to me in the last two years from within a few miles of this location.  It seems that at least one sasquatch uses Gordon Creek as a route of travel to and from the Sandy River.  The mouth of Gordon Creek is a large sand bar on which tracks could be left and found several days afterwards.  There’s only one of me, so if you live near this area please be my eyes and ears on the ground in this region.  Let me know what you find by contacting me here.  

Heres’ the comment:

I am a resident that lives in Corbett Oregon. Yesterday the 14th of July around 5:00 pm my brother and I went fishing along the Sandy River down the road from our house. We fished off Gordon Creek road just where the creek flows into the Sandy, it’s across from Oxbow Park. 

When we first arrived there were about 30 or so summer time swimmers hanging around the river. By 7:00 pm everyone had cleared out. Tired from walking the river we were ready to head in ourselves, but wanted to try one more spot close to where we parked the truck. If you know the area you will know the spot I’m talking about. The middle of the river has a huge fallen tree half on the sand bar (island) the other half submerged in the river. We decided to fish that spot at about 7:15pm when immediately huge stones were being toss into the river in our direction not all at once, but every 3 – 5 minutes. 

Normally I would think it was kids being rambunctious, however these stones were large, 10 lbs or larger in some cases, and they were thrown from the shadow of the woods that had to be at least 60 feet away from the river bank. The stones continued to be tossed until we walked away from the center island area. It continued for about 20 minutes until we walked the opposite side of the river along Gordon Creek road. 

I am about 220 lbs and very strong. I can’t throw big rocks like that from such a distance and stay hidden way back in the woods. My brother thinks maybe kids had a catapult or the rocks were not as big as we thought, but when you hear a plunk instead of a splash that tells you they were not little river rocks. 

The area in question is directly across that fallen tree on the oxbow side of the river. A good point of reference is you will see an old wood fence along the river that has been broke for years it is a small section of fence about ten feet long at best. From that fence about 100 to 200 yards left of that is where the activity took place. I guess I must think It’s possibly more than kids if I took all this time to write this. 

I hope it helps!

To whoever was kind enough to report this to me,

Thank you, and yes this certainly helps.  While I was unable to investigate your report personally due to out of town commitments, data like this helps determine patterns that could be useful later.  The BFRO report linked above occurred at the end of July as well, so already a pattern is emerging.  Other reports from this area include the throwing of heavy rocks.  Your data is important, so thank you for letting me know about it!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and let me know if you run into anything else of interest!