304th Rescue Squadron

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Apr 202017

The 304th Rescue Squadron is a Air Force Reserve Command combat-search-and-rescue unit located at Portland Air National Guard Base, Oregon.  Like all good Pacific Northwesterners, they have a certain love for bigfoot, or so their logo makes it seem.  

The 304th Rescue Squadron has taken on many missions over its lifespan, including over 100 immediately following the eruption of Mount St. Helens.  They have missions in both peace and wartime.  

Check out their Facebook page and post a “hello” from a bigfoot lover.  Tell them Cliff sent you!

Historic Bigfoot Business in Oakhurst, CA

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Feb 212017
Bigfoot Burger Pit

Bigfoot Drive-In Burger Pit in Oakhurst, CA

This historic photograph was found on The Studebaker Drivers Club Forum and was posted by user “kurtruk” with the following information: 

Bigfoot Drive In Burger Pit was in Oakhurst, Ca on Hwy 41. Closed in the early 1980’s. Former MLB pitcher Rudy May owned the property and was going to build another restaurant on the site but never did AFAIK. Restaurant had a few yellowed newspaper clippings, and a casting of a Bigfoot “footprint.”

What I would like to know is whatever happened to that footprint cast?  Was it a copy or an original?  Where and when was it cast?  Do any of my readers have any information on this?  If you find out anything on this, or already know something about this, please contact me!  

Senate Bill to Make Sasquatch the Official WA State Cryptid

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Feb 192017
WA official state cryptid: Sasquatch!

Washington moves to make sasquatch the state’s official cryptid!

Sasquatch is everywhere nowadays, and I’m not just talking about in the woods.  You can see sasquatches on billboards, commercials, and everybody’s favorite reality TV series.  Strangely enough, though, there is not a single mention of the creatures in the state laws of Washington despite the tourism dollars brought there by the hairy hominoid (though there are a couple local ordinances).  That might be about to change.  

Senator Ann Rivers who represents the 18th Legislative District in Washington has proposed a bill to make sasquatch the official state “cryptid,” or undiscovered animal.  This was brought on by a letter from “Caleb,” a boy who lives in her district.  

Some might complain that this sort of thing doesn’t belong in the solemn halls of legislative government, but I would strongly suggest otherwise.  A very large sum of money is spent in Washington every year by bigfooters coming to conferences, paying for campsites, buying gasoline, buying souvenirs, and going on paid expeditions looking for evidence of sasquatches.  These bigfooters therefore use the public lands set aside by the state, thus ensuring their protection for future generations.  Clearly, bigfoots have played a small yet significant role in Washington’s tourism and public lands.  

I predict that as bigfoots become more prominent in the minds of the public, and especially after academic acceptance of the species, they will play a huge economic role in Washington and other states.  How will they be protected?  What, if any, rights will they be granted to ensure their safety and autonomy?  Will they be viewed as threats or assets?  How will our own views of the lands they live on be changed?  All these questions and more will surface, so it’s a good thing to put sasquatches on the minds of Washingtonians now, before they are proven as a real species, so some of these questions can be pondered before answers are demanded.

Here’s a snippet from the press release: 

Child’s letter prompts bill to designate Sasquatch as state ‘cryptid’

Read the rest of the article by clicking this link.

Mar 202014
One design of many that depict
everyone’s favorite unknown biped.

Recently, the artwork of Marvin McCloud has come to my attention.  It was initially his bigfoot designs that impressed me, but now that I’ve become aware of his skills, his other subjects leave me no less impressed and astounded.  Marvin has excellent depictions of just about any animal you’d want on a necklace.  Bigfoot? Check!  Orange Pendek?  Check!  Mastadons?  You betcha.  

You have to see this guy’s stuff to believe it.  With over 3500 designs, it might take you a while, though.  
Dec 142013

A local band called Blacksleep contacted me a while back to do some spoken word vocal tracts for a song they were writing.  The song, entitled White Whale, is about searching for something that others say doesn’t exist, such as Moby Dick, or a sasquatch.  The band has finally released their digital album, and I am thrilled to be able to share the track I collaborated with them on below.

Check out this band’s Facebook page, or click this link to download their album for free.  A hard copy of their CD can be ordered from this same link, and is only $10.  This is a rare opportunity to support an independent band, as well as show your interest in bigfoots at the same time.

May 112013

In Glenwood, AR on May 3rd, a bigfoot was seen running in the annual fundraiser called Relay for Life.  For those who don’t know, Relay for Life is an annual fundraiser featuring cancer survivors and friends of those who were taken by cancer.  Sponsors give money to various teams, but all the funds eventually make their way to the American Cancer Society.

One team took their love for bigfoot and turned it into a force of good by getting a bigfoot costume and making some plaster footprint casts to boost morale and generate buzz.  Being the son of a cancer survivor myself, I cannot say how great it is to see bigfoot join the fight against cancer.

You can donate to the bigfoot team by clicking this link.  Again, all money ends up at the American Cancer Society.

Mar 082013

While watching this, remove the gorilla and insert a sasquatch.  Is this level of interaction with a bigfoot possible?  Could it be that extended video of this quality could remove the need of a type specimen (a dead one) to prove the species?  I think it’s at least possible, and certainly worth a try.

People claim to have achieved this level of interaction with bigfoots, but so far these stories are just that: stories.  I suggest that to avoid the killing of a bigfoot, people who say they have this level of interaction should produce video of this quality or better.

I’m not saying, “Put up or shut up.”  I’m saying that we should do this for them, the big guys.  There are already several groups actively pursuing the killing of a specimen.  One will eventually be successful.  Can those who take a more compassionate stance beat them to the punch?

Bigfoots are real.  The “discovery” of the species is inevitable.  Can we avoid killing one to prove they are real?  Not unless we try.

Nov 152012

That’s right, November 16th, 2012 has been officially proclaimed as “Bigfoot Day” in Knox County, TN.  Knox County mayor, Tim Burchett, is such a bigfoot buff that has set aside a whole day to celebrate their/our love for bigfoot, and you’re invited!

On Bigfoot Day there will be numerous activities to participate in, including face painting (Bobo says he’ll get an Ace Frehley paint job) and a bounce house (which I’m particularly looking forward to).  We expect a pretty big turn out, so get down here early.  

Here’s the official press release:


Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and the Cast of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” to Proclaim Official Knox County Bigfoot Day.

WHEN: Friday, November 16 2012. 5:00pm – 7:00pm

WHERE: Powell Auction House. 6729 Pleasant Ridge Road, Knoxville TN

Join Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and the cast of the hit Animal Planet television program “Finding Bigfoot” as they ring in the proclamation of the official Knox County Bigfoot Day!

After a brief ceremony, the cast of “Finding Bigfoot”; Matt Moneymaker, James “Bobo” Fay, Cliff Barakman and Ranae Holland; will make themselves available for autographs and pictures.

The event is free and open to the public! There will be a marching band, a bounce house and face painting! Concessions will be available for a nominal fee.


Questions for the Knox County Mayor’s office should be directed to Michael Grider: Ph# 865.215.4750 Email: Michael.grider@knoxcounty.org

To schedule press interviews with cast of “Finding Bigfoot”, contact Sean Mantooth: Ph# 213.235.6091Email:sean@lochandkeyproductions.com

Mar 272011
Perhaps you caught the most recent hullabaloo about bigfoot that is making the rounds on the news wires.  This incarnation of sensationalism is taking the form of a supposed video of “Knobby.”  Here is the video:

For those who don’t remember, “Knobby” is the name given to the bigfoot that was reportedly seen by that guy in rural North Carolina last year sometime.  The witness is clearly a “salt-of-the-earth” sort of character who made for great television.  He had a big personality, said super funny stuff, and by the sounds of it makes  some mean moonshine.  Did this guy see a bigfoot last year on his property?  He very well might have.  I don’t know.  It kind of think it doesn’t even matter.

As far as the new Knobby video goes, I think it’s pretty clear that it’s a hoax for a number of obvious reasons which I won’t go into here.  I don’t usually even address such trivial things on the blog, but this one got my wheels turning a bit, and I wanted to share some slightly deeper thoughts with you.
Like a reoccurring cold sore, bigfoot stories and videos regularly pop up on the lips of the media, soon to fade away leaving little more than an embarrassing bruise on one’s bigfooty ego.  Friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even family, poke fun at us bigfooters and point to the ridiculous claims and personalities depicted.  The hoaxes make the subject, and the people involved in it, look ridiculous.  Still the media indulges the public so they can get their bigfoot fix.  We bigfooters weather the storm.  Why?  Because everybody loves the ‘squatch, bigfooters and the public at large alike.  
“Everybody loves the ‘squatch.”  That sounds nice… until one thinks a little deeper.  
Love comes in many forms.  There’s the “Here’s your coffee, Sweetie” kind of love.  Then there’s the “I’m proud of you, Son” kind of love.  But there’s also the “It puts the lotion on” kind of love, too…  The scary kind that is obsessive and unhealthy.  The kind that only focuses on oneself.
Which brings me to the point of this blog.  What kind of love do you have for the ‘squatch?  Why do you do this?  What are you looking for?
I’ll go first by telling you what I’m not doing.  I do not do this bigfooting thing in order to prove or “discover” sasquatches as real animals.  I take the position that bigfoots have already been discovered, and we’re just waiting for the academics to catch up.  (Much like when Columbus supposedly discovered the Americas.  How can one discover what was already known about by thousands of people?)
I do this bigfooting thing for many reasons, but the two most important are as follows:
First, and of lesser importance, is that I love the journey of bigfooting.  I am not destination-oriented, but rather am thoroughly enjoying the ride.  It’s kind of like going on a walk.  One always seems to end up back home after a walk, so obviously the walk isn’t about the destination.  One enjoys the sights, sounds, interactions, and minutia of the walk itself.  That’s like me and bigfooting.  I’m loving the ride.  I love the nights in the woods (whether the big guys are around or not), blogging, videos, photos, recordings, footprints, outrageous characters, science, weirdness, culture, gatherings, researchers, songs, and possibilities that abound in this crazy field.  It keeps my relatively short attention span pretty well occupied.  
The more important reason I’m in this field is that since sasquatches do in fact exist, that means that “discovery” is inevitable.  It may not happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen.  It will probably happen much sooner than any of us expect.  No matter when “discovery” happens, it is an absolute and unfortunate fact (for them) that their time is running out.  “Discovery” will be the worst thing to ever happen to sasquatches.  
My hope is that in some way I can soften the blow of discovery for them.  
I will expand on this thought more in the coming months.  But for now, I request that you ask yourself some probing questions about character and intentions.  First and foremost among these questions is, “How do you love the ‘squatch?”