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Jan 092017

Every once in a while, a keen-eyed viewer writes to me about a figure they see in the background of a Finding Bigfoot episode that could be a bigfoot.  Every time (so far), it has been a crew member that failed to hide themselves well.  A few years ago I wrote a short article to explain this to my readers. 

Another instance of this has been popping up lately from our most recent expedition to the east side of Mount Hood in Oregon.  Several viewers have spied figures under the trees as I walk by a treeline around the 40 minute mark in the episode (see the photo above).  Those figures are the other cast members trying to stay out of site of the helicopter that is filming me!  It seems that (most likely) Bobo was standing a bit further out from behind the trees than he though!  

Oh well, we all make mistakes…  

Feb 052014

The above photograph accompanied the following sighting report which came in to me today, and I wanted to share it with my readers:

Encounter Location
  In Ebenezer Swamp north of Montevallo Alabama. Momtevallo University has a swamp ecosystem they use as classroom and research area. There is a boardwald that wanders through the swamp. It had been very cold for several nights, the temperature was below freezing for 72 hours. I went to the swamp to take pictures of the ice in the swamp. I came upon a hairy beadt and got a good photograph.
Encounter Type

  • Sighting

Witness Activity
  walking on the boardwalk in the swamp taking pictures. I heard a noise and turned around and there he was.
Witness Narrative
  I was walking on the boardwalk in the swamp taking pictures. I heard a noise and turned around thinking it was a dear, but to my surprise there was a bigfoot no more then 20 feet away. It was moving toward me, I took a photograph, it was overcast and late in. the afternoon, the camera flash scared him away
Oct 312013
A squatchy jack-o-lantern carved by Tom Yamarone

I love Halloween, and to celebrate this holiday, I’ve decided to hold a costume contest on my official Facebook fan page. The three winners will receive free copies of my DVD, Bigfoot Road Trip. The rules are below, but go to my Facebook page to participate! Have fun!

The Theme is: “Keepin’ It Squatchy”
Send in your BIGFOOT themed costumes for a chance to win! Here’s how it works:

1. The DAY AFTER Halloween – on Friday, November 1st – I’ll make two Facebook posts throughout the day.
2. Just ‘Comment’ with your City and State on either of those posts and ‘Attach’ your photo
3. The 3 separate photos with the most ‘Likes,’ or just my personal favorites, will win one of my new Bigfoot Roadtrip DVD’s!

This contest ends at 12:00 Midnight MDT on Friday, November 1st. Winners will be notified by Facebook message on Saturday, November 2nd. Please note; many kids watch my Facebook page, so let’s keep the photo’s and comments fun and clean!

Jul 052013

The photograph, taken this past weekend, is of what famous sighting location?  
Give an answer by leaving a comment below!
Need a hint?  Here is another picture that makes it a dead giveaway:

Update 7/6
(The Answer)

Some of you guessed correctly in that these photos come from the famous Glen Thomas Site.  This sighting was well documented by John Green, and this location was where Mr. Thomas had the first of several encounters in the areas of the Clackamas and Molalla Rivers.  
I was shown the site by the King of the Clackamas, the Clackamaster himself, Joe Beelart.  Nobody knows the Clackamas River and its bigfoot history better than this man, as will be evident when his upcoming book is published describing the bigfoot events documented in this area.  
Joe and I filmed a segment for the second volume of Bigfoot Road Trip, which will be out in Winter, 2014.  In the meantime, feel free to pick up a copy of Bigfoot Road Trip Volume 1 and enjoy a sasquatch adventure unlike any other.
May 292013

Back in April of 2011, Craig Flipy and I took a Bigfoot Road Trip to Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia to partake in a salute to veteran bigfooter, John Green.  We did some filming along the way, and eventually pieced together a 9 minute segment on the event.  We initially intended to include the clip in the Bigfoot Road Trip DVD, but there was a small audio glitch that made us reconsider.  We have now decided to make this clip available for free for everyone to enjoy.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event, I hope you get a taste of what it was like by watching the below video.  The event was amazing as friends of the sasquatch united to celebrate John Green and his contributions to our lives.  We only know so much because we stand on the shoulders of giants, and John Green is one of the tallest of those giants (both literally and figuratively).  We all owe him a debt of gratitude.  For now, however, I think he’d be content to have us enjoy the video segment.

And consider this… If this video is what didn’t make the Bigfoot Road Trip DVD, imagine the great stuff that actually made the cut!