Jun 202014
The footprint cast photographed against a 1/2 inch grid.

Another cast has been added to the Orang Pendek Project database on my official website.  This one shows some interesting anatomy, but was also worn down in the shipping process by inadequate packaging.

Click here to see even more photographs of the cast and footprint!

The Sumatran tracker, Jhon, measuring the footprint
 in the ground before casting.

May 222014
An orang pendek cast collected on July 14, 2013.

The Orang Pendek Project has been an amazing project to work on, but it has not been without its setbacks and frustrations.  Some of these frustrations arise from incomplete documentation or lost data.  After all, the project spans three continents and two languages.  That’s not even to mention the cultural differences that sometimes cause confusion or other complications.

This cast is a great example of these complications.  There was a track investigation on July 14, 2013, and several photographs of a footprint in the ground were recorded that day.  The cast seen above came with the bundle of data sent by my Sumatran contact that serves as a middle-man.  However, the cast cannot be from the footprint pictured in the ground; it’s the wrong foot!

We apparently have some missing data somewhere, but I will still record this footprint as from the date above.  Perhaps it is another footprint from the same line of prints?  Perhaps it’s from another date altogether?  I do not know, and am unlikely to ever know.  I do know that as the project proceeds, the documentation is getting better and better.  Hopefully this sort of error will be avoided in the future.

I present the data, fuzzy as it may be, for your enjoyment.

Click here to read more about this print, and to see more photographs.

Apr 232014
The Orang Pendek Project is a multinational research effort that spans three continents.  The Project increased the amount of hard data supporting the hypothesis that orang pendeks are a real species by a factor of more than ten in the year 2013, and footprint data continues to be compiled to the present day.  As time permits, I will share all of this data with my readers.  Today, I have published another cast for all to enjoy.  Click here to learn more about this cast.
Jan 172014

A day or two before July 9, 2013, a man named Pak Jintan observed an orang pendek from his farm near Hulu Batang Barau. The creature was walking on two legs along the edge of his farm near the jungle around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. He described it has being approximately one meter tall (39 inches), yet having a large body. This can be interpreted as meaning very massive for its size. The creature’s fur was described as grey and long. After the creature disappeared into the forest, Pak Jintan went to where he saw the creature and found at least one footprint (it is not known how may prints were observed since only one was photographed).

Nov 192013
An orang pendek footprint cast collected on
March 27, 2013 in Sumatra.

While hunting birds in the jungle, the witness stumbled across sign of a passing orang pendek. He found a line of footprints and broken trees (probably bamboo, but possibly sugarcane) that might have been foraged upon. He also found a pile of leftover fruit and husks in the footprint line. He notified John, the tracker for the Orang Pendek Project, and returned to the site to cast footprints.

Nov 122013

I am pleased to publicly announce the Orang Pendek Project, an international cooperative effort to document data supporting the existence of the orang pendek of Sumatra.  Researchers on three continents are pooling their resources, knowledge, and efforts to find, gather, and document evidence that might eventually lead to the official academic acknowledgement of the existence of these diminutive bipedal apes.

A section of my website, CliffBarackman.com will be devoted to showcasing the data collected.  This project has been quietly gathering evidence for a year now, and the results have been extraordinary.  Too much evidence has been collected to share at once, so over the coming weeks and months, I will be adding data as I am able.

Keep checking back for more information and evidence!  Click this link to go directly to the data index of the Orang Pendek Project.

Nov 092013
Under the forest canopy in the Sumatran jungle.

The subject of the orang pendek has fascinated me over the years. From the description, it clearly isn’t the same species as the North American bigfoot, but for some reason it really stimulated my curiosity. Maybe it was the remote location and the possibilities of what could be living in those jungles. Maybe it was the fact that a professional conservationalist, Debbie Martyr, had seen orang pendeks on more than one occasion. Whatever the case, when I found we had the opportunity to visit Sumatra to look into the mystery of these small unknown apes, I was thrilled. When I found that we would be accompanied by cryptozoologist, Adam Davies, I was even more excited.

I had been introduced to Adam Davies a few years back when I made an appearance on a radio program with Adam, Linda Godfrey, and Nick Redfern. It wasn’t a face-to-face introduction, but one where I called into the program from my phone (and actually from the Chehalis Indian Reservation in Washington where I was on a sasquatch expedition at the time). I had been in occasional contact with Adam since, and now we would get the opportunity to do field work together for the first time.