5/31/17 Road Crossing Near Morton, WA

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Jun 032017


The location where a sasquatch was observed running across the road near Morton, WA

At 2:40 pm on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 a security guard (who will remain anonymous) was traveling north on Highway  7 out of Morton, WA.  As he passed a clear cut on his left, he saw a huge hairy figure run bipedally from left to right across the road in front of him, seemingly from the trees bordering the clear cut into the heavy brush on the right side of the road.  The figure was immediately recognized as a sasquatch because of the figure’s size, and its speed.  The sasquatch crossed between one and two hundred feet ahead of him, and it was already in the road when the witness first noticed it.  

The witness was in his patrol car with his K9 police dog companion at the time of the sighting.  He slowed down where the figure disappeared into the brush on the right side of the road in order to see if he could catch another glimpse of the creature, but he saw nothing.  His dog, however, immediately “went stupid barking and bouncing around in his crate” as they slowly drove through the area where the bigfoot crossed.  

In an email, the witness wrote, “There is absolutely no mistaking what I saw.  Full daylight and 150-200 feet directly in front of me.  The animal was 8 to 10 feet tall with dirty blonde colored fur with a white or lighter colored stomach.”  He went on to say there was no way it was a man in a suit because of the size and speed.  He was also willing to take a polygraph test to verify his story.
I received his email on June 2nd and immediately called the witness.  I was already familiar with the Morton area from having been on several expeditions nearby, and even obtaining an interesting sound recording there.  
We arranged a meeting for that very evening at 6 pm in Morton, WA.  I wanted to get on the scene as soon as possible in case footprints or other spoor were still there.  The weather had been good, so there was a good chance that something might be located.  
I met the witness and his sixth grade daughter at the scene and he retold his account to me on camera.  Concerned about his employment, I assured the witness his identity would not be made public by me.  I will only make this recording public with his explicit permission, an agreement I make with all my witnesses.  
We looked around for several hours for footprints or sign of the sasquatch’s passing.  Since the witness was unsure as to exactly where the bigfoot ran out or into the woods, it was very difficult to locate anything.  A one hundred yard stretch of woods is a huge area to search, and two days had passed allowing the grass and other plants to stand up straight again, functionally erasing any sign of the bigfoot’s passing.  I did find numerous animal trails, complete with deer and elk prints, but no definitive signs of the sasquatch.  
I found the witness to be fully believable.  His daughter shared with me how excited her father was when he shared the story with her over the phone on the same evening he saw the sasquatch.  He spent his own time and money to drive out to the location from his home near Tacoma, WA immediately after picking his daughter up from school.  He wore his uniform to the site, complete with side arm and badge, and he brought his K9 unit out to sniff around as well.  He didn’t believe nor disbelieve in sasquatches before his sighting, but now is very interested in the subject and has started asking his friends and looking online for more information.  
If you have any information about sasquatches in the Morton, WA area, or anywhere else for that matter, please contact me and share what you know.

Bigfoot Lying on Hwy 299 – July 14, 2016 Sighting

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Jan 122017

Bigfoot lying in Hwy 299 west of Del Loma, CA.

A witness named Jeremy (last name withheld) recently submitted an interesting bigfoot sighting report from California to my online sighting report form.

On July 14, 2016, a man in his mid-sixties was driving west on Highway 299 at approximately 3 am on his way to Crescent City, CA.  He was travelling quite fast, upwards towards 75 mpg on the twisty, dark road.  Somewhere shortly after Del Loma, but before Hwy 299 crosses to the south side of the Trinity River, the man accelerated out of a right curve the man swerved into the oncoming lane in order to avoid hitting a huge object laying smack in the middle of his lane and partially in the left lane as well.  The witness observed the object as best he could while his headlights swept across the figure lying a full six feet across the lane. 

Highwy 299 just west of Del Loma, CA

The witness described what he saw as black, but not shiny black.  His first thought was that it was a very large tire from a front end loader lying in the lane, but there were no treads on it and it was one uniform color from one end to the other.  It was very large, being almost as high as the hood of his Toyota Prius.  The witness then realized that he saw from the shoulders to the buttocks of a large figure lying in the fetal position across the lane. 

Lying fetal in the middle of the road seems like a strange thing for a bigfoot to be doing, but this behavior is not unprecedented in bigfoot reports.  Charlie Raymond from the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization recently shared a presentation in which he details several reports of just this behavior from other credible witnesses.  Remembering this, I contacted Charlie and he was generous enough to do a follow up interview with the witness.  Below are excerpts from his notes with the witness’ name removed.

I called the witness and left a message. The witness promptly returned my call. It was immediately apparent the witness was excited, highly intelligent and very articulate. He’s an ex-Army helicopter pilot and has been a special education teacher for 26 years.  I asked him if it could have possibly been a black bear hit by a car?  He adamantly denied it by saying, “This was much too wide at the shoulders and much too huge to have been a bear!  From its shoulders to hips was at least 5-6 feet, not including the neck, head or legs!  I have 20/20 vision. After passing the creature, I was totally flabbergasted…stunned!”

Because the witness was in rush to reach his destination, he was travelling close to 75 mph.  As he entered a long curve, the creature was ‘already’ in the fetal position. It never moved a muscle. The witness swerved to his left into the oncoming lane just in time to miss it, coming within 2-3 feet from its shoulders. The witness estimated the shoulders at about 30” in height, which was the same height as the hood of his car. It had solid black hair.  When I asked him how long was the hair, he said, “I don’t recall.  All I know, it was uniform in color from its shoulders to its hips.”  He added, “The shoulders and hips were more rounded, not squared-off like a huge tractor tire and no noticeable tread. It definitely had black hair. This was no doubt an animal. The shoulders were much wider than the hips.”

In regard to it lying in the fetal position on the road:

This rather peculiar behavior happens more often than one would think. In some cases, it’s in the cold winter on an isolated country road. In that case, perhaps the Bigfoot was benefiting from the warm road?  In the above case, something else seemed to have caused this behavior because it occurred in July.

Here are some related encounters involving Bigfoots lying in the road.

  • Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization report of an elderly woman driving up on a Bigfoot lying in the middle of the road. 
  • BFRO report of witnesses coming upon TWO Bigfoots lying in the middle of the road. It also mentions how quick the one creature sprang up from its lying down position.
  • BFRO report of a Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road, then laying down in front of the approaching car.
  • Oregon-Bigfoot story of a car coming upon a Bigfoot sitting in the middle of the road.
  • Oregon-Bigfoot report where a truck driver comes upon a Bigfoot lying in the center of the road. Read his description of it….“in a fetal position, lying with its back to him.”
  • Weird-USA reports someone coming across a Bigfoot lying in the road.

Follow up report by Charlie Raymond, Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization


A huge thanks to Charlie Raymond for following up with the witness, and to Terry Thomas for an excellent artist recreation of what the witness reported!

Jul 052013

The photograph, taken this past weekend, is of what famous sighting location?  
Give an answer by leaving a comment below!
Need a hint?  Here is another picture that makes it a dead giveaway:

Update 7/6
(The Answer)

Some of you guessed correctly in that these photos come from the famous Glen Thomas Site.  This sighting was well documented by John Green, and this location was where Mr. Thomas had the first of several encounters in the areas of the Clackamas and Molalla Rivers.  
I was shown the site by the King of the Clackamas, the Clackamaster himself, Joe Beelart.  Nobody knows the Clackamas River and its bigfoot history better than this man, as will be evident when his upcoming book is published describing the bigfoot events documented in this area.  
Joe and I filmed a segment for the second volume of Bigfoot Road Trip, which will be out in Winter, 2014.  In the meantime, feel free to pick up a copy of Bigfoot Road Trip Volume 1 and enjoy a sasquatch adventure unlike any other.
Jun 282010

Upon returning from my overnighter on the Skokomish River, I found an interesting email awaiting me.  My friends over in the BFRO sent me a recent sighting report that they wanted me to look into.  Apparently a woman saw a sasquatch run across the road outside of Molalla, OR just the previous Friday, June 18th.  The email contained the witness contact information, so I gave her a ring and arranged to meet her a little later that same day.

The previous day’s efforts to obtain a footprint cast had been thwarted, so I was excited to have another opportunity to possibly obtain such a prize.  It had only been three days, and this time the witness would be taking me to the exact location.  
I met the witness in Molalla and she led me off driving into the woods.  Before long we rounded a bend and parked at a trail head.  We backtracked down the road a few hundred yards and she pointed to the steep incline  to show me where she saw the bigfoot.
Her story is that she was turning a corner in the road when something big moving through the brush caught her eye up on the steep embankment on the south side of the road at about a 100 yards distance.  When she initially saw it, she could see something large and yellowish/brown moving towards her, parallel to the road.  It stopped for a brief moment, and she did the same out of shock at the size of whatever this was she was looking at.  Her car was brought nearly to a standstill.  
The view from where the witness initially saw the creature.
She then saw the thing turn towards the road and run down the steep hill very quickly.  As it ran the witness could clearly see two long arms swinging widely, and the thing was running on two legs.  The creature disappeared from her sight temporarily behind some brush, and the witness moved her vehicle ahead to clear her view of the area from the interfering foliage.  She lost sight of the creature for only a few seconds.
The creature’s view of the road from where it briefly stood still.
When she came around the corner the sasquatch had already made it across the road and had disappeared from view.  The witness sped up to try to close the distance so she could see it again.  She caught sight of it as she nearly passed it.  It was standing a short distance down the embankment on the north side of the road.  She could see it from the middle of the back to the top of its head.  Its left arm was touching a branch which it broke as it moved downhill past the tree it was growing from.  This portion of her sighting was from a very short distance, perhaps 40 feet. 
While interviewing the witness at the scene, her excitement was clearly evident.  She and I spent the next three hours at the location with her retelling me the story again and again.  I would ask questions to clarify points and to obtain details that were important to me.  
I spent a great deal of time on both hillsides tracking where this thing went.  As far as I can tell, it powered its way through the thick brambles and devils club that grew out of the hillside, and stopped just above and over from two snags.  I believe it then ran down the east side of the trees, jumping over the swampy ditch and running up the road fifteen or twenty yards and down the opposite hill to the nearby Molalla River.  
The path I believe the sasquatch took down the hillside.
The embankments were muddy and steep (I would estimate at least a 50 degree slope, possibly a little more).  In several spots the soft ground gave way and slid out from under me as I stood on the hillside.  I eventually located large (15 inch) impressions leaving a trail down the hillside.  As muddy as the hillside was, the impressions had to definition to them.  Bewildered, I looked at my own tracks as I left them and noticed  that even my boot prints were only vaguely defined and did not leave the impression of the treads in the ground.  The witness and I located several more of these large impressions on both sides of the road.  
Some of the impressions from both sides of the road.
She pointed out the branch she saw it break as it passed the tree she saw it next to before we headed down to the river to look around for more footprints.  That was a rough road to travel that turned up nothing but mud, deer bedding sites, and lots of pokey bramble bushes that obstructed most paths.  
The branch the sasquatch broke from the tree as it passed.

A little more time was spent looking around for something interesting, but we turned up nothing.  Before too long we went our separate ways. 
Being put on a fresh sighting is one of the biggest thrills of bigfooting.  For me, the possibility of obtaining some physical evidence is a main reason I do this.  This time I got some photographs of large impressions on a muddy hillside.  Not bad.  
I believe the witness saw a sasquatch.  Her story had details that I saw evidence for, such as a broken branch on a tree and impressions.  The witness’ enthusiasm and consistency in her story gives some indication that she is not hoaxing, as does her willingness to drive from Beaverton to Molalla on a Monday evening just to share her story.  
Could she be lying?  I guess, but I don’t think she was.  After spending three hours with her, I just didn’t get that impression.  Since sasquatches are perfectly real animals, it makes sense that many, if not most, of the people who say they saw one probably did.  
May 022010

Back in August of 2007, I had the opportunity to interview a forest service botonist who saw a sasquatch just a few days before.  He was walking off trail behind a closed ski resort on his way up to an isolated meadow when he noticed a tall, thin creature peering at him from behind a stump.

The witness was hiking from the ski resort (upper left) to
Bryan Meadows (lower right) when he spotted the creature.

Previous to this sighting, the ski resort staff was complaining of a troublesome bear raiding the garbage cans at night.  Another note of interest would be the observation by the witness that the nearby stream was thick with brook trout.  He noted that in his 26 years of working as a forest service botonist, he had never seen so many of the fish in any stream.  We went on to say that they were so thick you could walk on them, which is obviously an exaggeration, but that’s how we humans speak.

A large impression was found nearby where the creature ran uphill to escape the area.  It isn’t clear exactly how long it is, but by browsing around the internet, I have found that the radio is likely to be between 14 and 15 inches long, including the antennae.

Scuff mark in the path of the escaping creature.

This sighting report is interesting to me for a couple reasons.  First, the animal was thin.  I think too often we assume that sasquatches only come in one size: big and thick.  I have taken many reports in which the witness describes the creature as thin.  However thin they are described, it is always noted that the creatures appear to be strong and muscular.  (One witness in describing a tall, thin sasquatch told me it was built like Kobe Bryant and the muscles were obvious and well-defined.)

Another notable thing about this sighting is the nearby food source.  Not only was the sasquatch possibly raiding the garbage cans at the closed-for-the-season ski resort, but there was a superfluous supply of easily catchable fish in the small stream flowing nearby.  The witness told me that since the fish were so small, anglers probably wouldn’t bother with them.  Besides, this was private land on a closed ski resort, and no anglers were likely to be there.  I have found again and again that sasquatches can be found in areas with a readily available protein supply.  Food, cover, and water are the three most important items to any animal, and sasquatches are no exception.

For you report junkies, the following is what the witness reported:
 Today, August 23, 2007, I was hiking off-trail in El Dorado County, California in the forest 60 feet north of the Bryan Meadow trail, when at about 10:30 a.m. I saw a tall dark figure peering around a large red fir stump. This was from perhaps 100 feet away, I quickly walked up to the stump, but there was no one there. It would have been possible to move uphill away from me using the large stump as cover, but only a very athletic person could have managed this in the time available.

Moving then uphill and to the SE, I regained the Bryan Meadow trail and there noted a large footprint, which I photographed next to my two-way radio. It is about twice the length of my foot, (a size 12 boot size). I do not know the source of this print, but it was where the rapid retreat occurred.

I had just parked at the Sierra Ski area (Short Stuff run), and begun walking up the forest north of the trail to Bryan Meadows. I was moving quietly and slowly, crossing from the north side of the stream to the south without being on any trail. Another biologist was still moving up the canyon on the north side of the stream, but was well ahead of my position.

It could have been a human, but the person would have to have been wearing all uniformly dark clothing and had a dark complexion or been wearing dark paint. Head to knee, the figure was a uniformly dark hue and no other detail was discernable, except that the shoulders were slightly more narrow than the average person would be, and the height was at least 6′-3″ to 6′-5″. The figure was peering at me from the west end of the stump, leaning forward, so that all above the knee was visible. The figure was of a uniformly dark color, perhaps black.

For the full report from back in the day, you can click this link.

Mar 192010

It’s not often that somebody snaps a photograph of anything when a bigfoot encounter is happening. Most witnesses are understandably too distracted to fumble with cameras.

This past summer, a witness had the clarity of mind to snap three photographs of the large man-shaped shadow that was looming outside of her trailer window. When the photos were taken, the witness who took the photos thought there was a man looking in the window. Her husband got his gun and went outside the trailer to confront the peeping tom, but saw nobody. He did hear the sound of someone exiting the area eastward on the gravel road. He looked at the height of the window (8 feet off the ground) and realized that it couldn’t have been a man.
All these details and more are in the sighting report, which can be found here. The most important part of this report is the photograph. It’s not great, but it’s not bad at all. This is especially true considering the conditions.
Push play to view the animation.
The above is one of three photos taken of the figure. It has been animated to show progressively lighter versions to hopefully bring out details.
Assuming the witnesses are telling the truth, it would be difficult for this figure to be that of a human being. That person would be over eight feet tall.
Impressions were found on the gravel road the next day, and photographs were taken. The report indicates that they were not shared because of a lack of clarity. That’s pretty much always true of photographs of prints: they never turn out as well as they look in person. I wouldn’t expect much (or any) detail to show on a gravel surface. Still, I’d love to see them, or even include them in the track database I’m working on.
Congratulations to the witness for keeping a clear head in what was obviously a stressful situation. Kudos to Todd Perteet and the BFRO for sharing this data with the public for peer review and scrutiny. And a big thumb’s up to the ‘squatch, just because we love it.
Nov 152009
Sighting reports are the bread and butter of bigfoot researchers. There are plenty of books that are basically retellings of the bucket loads of eyewitness accounts that have been reported and investigated over the years. Many websites feature sighting reports that have been followed up by investigators of varying abilities to certain degrees. I certainly have done my fair share of encounter investigations, though it’s not where my main focus lies anymore.

Even though chasing reports is not what I tend to do, there are three things that I deem very important when it comes to sightings: the specific location, the time/date, and any interesting behaviors that were observed.

The location and time/date go hand in hand. By noting these factors, possible patterns can be hypothesized. This is what Peter Byrne was after when he looked for “geo-time” patterns while running the Bigfoot Research Project. Basically, where can these critters be found, and when? That’s potentially useful stuff!

Peter Byrne and Cliff Barackman
August 2009

Besides the where and when, the other valuable thing in sighting reports is the observed behavior of the creature(s). These behaviors might shed some light on what we as field researchers could be looking for.

Which brings me to the real point of this blog entry. I recently received an email from a witness who calls herself “Carol”. The following is her email, edited only for punctuation:

“In 1968 I lived in the Bay Area of California. A couple of young men friends and I took a car trip to where I believe was inland from Highway 1 from the Monterey area. We hiked into a wooded area that had a deep bed of fallen leaves. I stopped and turned to say something to my companions when there was a shuffling, rustling sound right beside me. When I looked, I saw a (how can I best describe this…) maybe 4′ tall, rounded stance figure as though almost crouching and hunched forward; a broad-bodied creature that appeared to have come up from under the leaves where it may have been napping, I thought. The head/shoulder differentiation was quite slight, though I saw it from the rear. I am assuming it was a juvenile, since it was so small, compared to the extraordinary size a mature adult is purported to be. This creature did not pause, but scuttled away from us, disappearing very quickly into the thickly wooded distance. It did not move like, for instance, a bear, but was upright as it ran. The back was covered with a medium brown fur-like hair that was very thick and long. The three of us who were observers were startled and amazed in the same instance at the brevity of this encounter. The only thing we could say at the time was… Sasquatch!? Well, I’ve not told many people of this experience, but it remains vividly in my memory. I don’t know if there have been other sightings in this area, but I thought since there seems to be ongoing research on the existence of these creatures, my firsthand experience might be of some use.”

First of all, thank you, “Carol” for reporting this to me. I appreciate all of the stories of encounters that I receive through my website.

This encounter report caught my attention for a couple reasons. First, I have done some work in the mountains south of Monterey, CA. There are some very remote areas that are next to impossible to penetrate despite the proximity to densely populated urban areas. Also, I personally know several investigators from this part of California, so I’m always looking for ways to support them, usually by passing along information, as they often do for me.

Secondly, what really interested me about this report was that the juvenile sasquatch was thought to be napping under a layer of leaves. It’s probably a fairly safe assumption that juvenile animals mirror the behavior of the adults of their species (they are learning how to be adults, after all), so what can this tell us about the sleeping habits of sasquatches?

A snoozing gorilla in its nest.

I’ve heard of bigfoots making nests, bedding down in the open, and being found in the thickest cover one can imagine. All of these behaviors mirror the other apes’ habits, including our own.

It might also be valuable to ponder where other large omnivores bed down in the same environment. I’ve looked into where bears bed down and have found they sleep in a variety of areas, usually under thick cover (but not always). A park ranger in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California once told me that bears often sleep in the tree tops in that particular area. I’ve also heard of bears sleeping out in the open near mature trees. That would be kind of like sleeping next to a fire escape for them…

A black bear sleeping in the tree tops

Perhaps sasquatches sometimes sleep in the tree tops? Certainly, bigfooters don’t spend enough time looking up. Since sleeping sasquatches are rarely seen, they must hide themselves pretty well. I suspect (and this is only a hunch) that sasquatches sleep in the thickest, nastiest brush they can find, and probably on the steep slopes surrounding their favorite feeding grounds where human traffic would be least likely. These bedding sites would likely have commanding views of the surrounding area, and are probably close to a clean running water source. Of course, this is just a guess. I’ve also heard a tale or two of bigfoots sleeping out in the open. When I stumble on a sleeping sasquatch, I’ll let you know where I found it.

“Carol’s” report might shed some light into what some sasquatches do at least some of the time. It seems like a good strategy if the leaf litter is thick enough. Could the big ones do this? Probably not as effectively using just leaf litter.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to leave a comment below.

Aug 122009
I spoke to my father today, and he told me about an interesting thing that happened to him. I gave him a bigfoot t-shirt as a gift a while back, and he wore it to the gym for his workout. A man approached him and struck up a conversation about the t-shirt, and confided in my father that the man had seen a bigfoot a couple decades ago. This sort of thing happens in my bigfooty life all the time, but it was a new one for my dad. The incredibly interesting thing about this man’s encounter is that it occurred in Vietnam while he was fighting in the Vietnam War.

My dad

The story, as relayed through my dad, is more or less that the man’s platoon was exchanging fire with the enemy in the jungles of Vietnam. At one point on the adjacent hill, a bigfoot-type animal walked through a clearing, went back the way it came, and then went straight up a steep embankment or cliff before disappearing into the thick jungle. The creature apparently showed no difficulty in scaling the steep incline, which impressed the man greatly.

This man told my father that he doesn’t talk about it much because he doesn’t want people to think that he’s crazy. Unfortunately, this fear is far too common among witnesses. It makes me wonder about the information that is still out there, yet remains hidden due to the fear of ridicule.

I had read of Vietnam veterans seeing bigfoot-like creatures in the jungles of Southeast Asia before, but this is as close to the source as I have ever come to one of these witnesses. Sightings from Vietnam are significant considering gigantopithecus fossils have been found there. Here is a link to an article by Russel Ciochon and Charles Yonge detailing their finds of gigantopithecus and homo erectus from the same time periods and location in Vietnam.

For those readers who are not familiar with Russel Ciochon, he is a co-author of the excellent book Other Origins, which details much of what is thought to be known about gigantopithecus. Ciochon states that he does not believe gigantos are yetis or bigfoots. But then again, why would he believe that gigantos are related to animals that he doesn’t even think are real?