Bigfoot Books for Kids and Teens


It was when I was young that I first started to love the bigfoot subject.  A trip to the library always ended in me checking out whatever bigfoot books were available, though most were far beyond my reading level at that age.  There were few, if any, good books written for kids my age, so I had to make the best of what I had available to me.  Nowadays, children are blessed with a wide variety of literature on the subject.  Some of my favorite bigfoot books for young people are below…



Sasquatch for Dinner 
By Ronald Robledo

This delightful book details the misunderstanding that ensues after Jimmy thinks he hears his mother say that a sasquatch is coming over for dinner.  Soon, the whole town finds out.  With a surprise ending and excellent art, this bigfoot book is a charmer.  I’m not just saying that because there is an illustration of me interviewing a sasquatch on television in the book, either (though it helps).  


Walking with Bigfoot – A Beginners Guide to Common Trees of North America 
By Sharen and Mark Mellicker

This field guide details a number of tree species found in North America found on a hike along with a family of sasquatches.  Tree characteristics are bulleted in the margins along with illustrations of their leaves and fruits.  The main pages are illustrated collages with narrations of the bigfoot family interacting with the forest around them.  This bigfoot book ends in two art projects and some tree vocabulary for the junior scientist in your family.  


Searching for Sasquatch 
By Nathaniel Lachenmeyer

 Arlo and his father like to hike in the woods together and look for bigfoot.  Even though they have never seen one, they enjoy learning about the things in the woods together.   When they find a footprint together that later turns out to be hoaxed, Arlo’s belief is shaken.  However, there are better reasons to go into the woods than to prove bigfoot is real.  


A Kid’s Guide to Hunting Bigfoot 
By Cindy Rose Caddell

This cute bigfoot book is an excellent primer for any child who wants to start bigfooting with his family.  It briefly gives the lowdown on what a bigfoot is, what they eat, and how to run across one.  The author is a professional photographer, and she uses her beautiful photographs as the setting for a collage bigfoot in various scenarios.  


Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella 
By Tony Johnston and James Warhola

The Cinderella story is an ancient one and variants are found in literally thousands of cultures throughout the world.  With so many variations around, why not a bigfoot version?  This bigfoot book tells the timeless tale of Cinderella, but with bigfoots as the main characters.  It is charming, witty, and well told.  When I was a teacher, this book was a go-to book for read alouds in my classroom, a favorite of mine and the students alike.


Sasquatch Tales: Woodbooger’s Woods 
By Dana Lynd

What an interesting idea for a bigfoot book!  Read it from the beginning and it’s a simple tale of a family’s campout in the woods.  Turn the book upside down and over and read it again, but this time, through the eyes of the sasquatch observing the family on their trip!  How very clever and refreshing!


Finding Bigfoot: Everything You Need to Know 

Though already listed on another page, I wanted to put this book with the rest of the books for young people because it was written for a target audience of adolescents and young adults.  This book not only goes over the evidence of bigfoot in a thoughtful and accessible way, it features some sections specifically targeting young people.  After all, what other bigfoot books have recipes for “Yet spaghetti”?


More books will be added as they cross my desk, but if you have a suggestion for one, let me know by clicking this link and telling me about it!

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