Jan 182012

Here is the latest installment of Craig Flipy’s behind-the-scenes video debriefs with Cliff Barackman.  Craig and Cliff talk about the recently aired Minnesota episode of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet.

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  1. You guys are too much fun. I love the playfulness and the education at the same time, the kid-like wonder, and the energy. These videos are so exciting–it's like getting F'ing Bigfoot-plus.

  2. Love the debriefs!

  3. Very good debrief. Especially liked where you speak to the critics. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey thank you for coming to Minnesota!! We cabin just a couple miles north of the town hall. We have had lots of strange happenings around the campfire and such. I will be on the lookout now! Just to let you know you were traveling on a bog, pretty much walking on water. Under the moss was water and maybe very deep water! Uffda!

  5. Another enjoyable debrief session Cliff.Informative and detailed as usual.

  6. I enjoy the debriefs as they explain a lot more of how you come to conclusions and give us more information than is shown on the show. Example the three cars stopped in the road watching the nine foot Bigfoot looking through the window of the trailer. It wasn't mentioned during the show so you'd think she was the only person who saw the creature. Keep up the investigations and I hope you actually capture some film or pictures sometime.

  7. I think you and the team do the best you can with the very little time you get. Maybe you guys and lady should try bigfooting in southeast Ohio or smack dab in the middle of West Virginia. The reason why I say this is because I grew up in these areas and as I think back when I was a child I remember hearing tree knocks unexplainable howls/screams my mothers sightings happened in both these states. Even now we have things happen that we still debate on. Another words you would have a much greater chance in finding Bigfoot. My mother and I see Bigfoot more as a people not an animal

  8. Love the show .When you going to be back on FOX! We on the right love your show to!!!