Jan 032012

This past New Years Eve, I invited a small number of bigfooters to my home in Portland, OR to preview the Season 2 premiere of Finding Bigfoot.  Among the noteworthy crowd were various friends of the ‘squatch, including Craig Flipy, Guy Edwards, Thom Powell, Will Robinson, and Randee Chase.  Others that might have name recognition with you bigfooters were in attendance as well, but I’ll leave that to the video.

After watching the New York episode, I let them ask me whatever question they chose, and the resulting video can be seen below.  It was a great way to usher in 2012, and I hope you had as much fun on that night as I did.  Happy New Year, everybody, and may it be a bigfooty one at that!  

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  1. Very nice. I just love the way you get all animated talking about the subject and thank you for being intelligent too-I appreciate that a lot.

  2. That looked like fun. You and the team need to come squatching in Arizona. We have lots of sightings here.

  3. Fun! Enjoyed … Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo

  4. Looks like you all had a great time discussing the Squatch! I see that you had a few people there who are into Bigfoot. Have you ever heard of a gentleman by the name of Larry Batson? He is a wildlife conservationist and Sasquatch enthusiast who has spoken twice at our local library. He has been into it for a number of years. I wondered if your paths had ever crossed.Have a great 2012 bigfooting!

  5. As a bigfoot afficionado, I have Tivo'd and DVR'd all that is bigfoot and sasquatch. So many times I have seen investigators lose the trail during a chase. The New York episode made me think back to the movie Predator when the body of the character with the gatlin gun was stolen right from under their eyes and they realized it was in the trees. Bigfoot investigators loose trail because they take to the trees. We think bigfoot keeps running when really they go where we have not thought to look: up.

  6. Great work, Cliff! Here's my main frustration with the show, though, and it's certainly not the cast's fault. When something is heard, the sound occurs just once, quickly, such as the knocks and the howl on the January 1st episode. Before the viewer can even adjust her/his ears to take it in, it's over with. What we need, I think, is for the show to stop and replay these vital moments for us several times–increasing the volume and affirming that this is the genuine field audio, not a simulation–so that we can come closer to "being there," to experiencing what you experienced in the field. Otherwise the viewing experience is like trying to catch smoke in one's hand.

  7. Is there any way the future videos could be made available without the mind-numbingly repetitive musical track?

    I really wanted to watch the whole video, but couldn't tune out the music.

  8. Thanks Cliff,I really enjoyed this.I like your attitude towards Bigfoot.

  9. Thanks for bringing back the debriefs. I appreciate your enthusiam and your willingness to acknowledge that everything you hear might NOT be a Bigfoot (though I know you THINK it is). A little objectivity aids the probe for truth.

  10. Has Jane Goodall ever given advice for bigfoot expeditions?

  11. Cliff, I enjoyed the show and enjoyed your debrief.

    I wanted to make an observation about the clip provided in this episode. I have have watched this episode several times on my 46" Sony Bravia in High Definition, and I noticed something after playing the clip a few times and I am wondering if anyone else made this observation.

    Below the tree where the creature was swinging from the branches, I see what looks like a tent down and to the right slightly, and two dark shapes that resemble human heads and shoulders appear to me to be looking up at the creature. One looks to be sitting to the right and the other appears to be standing facing the tree.

    If my observation is true, that could mean that perhaps someone brought a chimpanzee up there and was giving it some rec. time.

  12. Cliff brings so much to the show.. Cliff should have his own show about Bigfoot..

  13. I've written about this "Baby Bigfoot" many, many times and never got back any reply. In 1997 me and my cousin arrended a concert in Modena, N.Y. He brought his "Pet Monkey" We easily got it by the grauds. We use it(the monkey) to pick up girls!(it didn't work) word got out that we had a pet monkey, so we ran to the cqamping area. My cousin had a "nature call" and during his business, the monkey escaped up in the tree! That's me and my cousin (Him on my shoulders) trying to get him. The guards were on to us, so we left him! We looked for weeks, but the owner of theproperty kept chasing us.2 years later, he was killed by a car outside New Paltz N.Y. The State police called us, as we had left word of the missing monkee with them. It was my cousin's monkey, because he reconized the small collar still on him. When he was missing, people called with sightings. The people at the campsite in the video knew about the monkey! as they tried to help us get it. It is not a "Baby bigfoot" My cousin still has the bill of sale when he bought it and the police reports! I told him about this video and he couldn't stop laughing when hr saw it!

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  15. HealthyHappyLawns:

    I'm happy that you stepped forward to say that you know the source of this video. However, a mostly anonymous comment posted on a blog is far from evidence that this claim is true.

    What would help your claim gain legitimacy is some evidence, which shouldn't be hard to supply. Certainly you or your cousin have photos from that time period of you folks with the monkey. A scan sent to me of that bill of sale would be good evidence as well. The police reports would support your claim even more.

    You can send these items to me at NorthAmericanBigfoot@gmail.com. I will post them on this blog for all to see. I will be happy to blur out your personal information on the docs, but to do so yourself would be counter productive to your claim. I would assume that the documents are forgeries.

    Thank you for writing. I hope you follow through and supply the needed documentation to support your claim.

    Cliff Barackman