Jan 312012

Filmed on the Olympic Peninsula and Interstate 5 Freeway, here is the video debrief of the most recent episode of Finding Bigfoot!

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  1. Very good finds. I love that you guys do so much more than makes it on the show and I'm thrilled that you share it with us here. The walnut thing made me laugh. When I was a kid, we had a huge black walnut tree against our home and they would drop onto the tin roof and startle us all the time. Haha. Very good debunking–very much like paranormal investigation debunking.

  2. Researcher, musician, actor and comedian… You amaze me, Cliff. Keep up the great work!

  3. you are great! You keep it real, Watch the network though, they'll ruin the show with how they run it. Matt Moneymaker also jumps the gun way too much, but we all love you.

  4. Another awesome debrief Cliff.I admire your attitude towards Native/First Nations beliefs and stories regarding Sasquatch.
    They are a wealth of information and very few "white" people ever get a chance to hear such accounts.
    Although I am not Native/First Nations,I appreciate you bringing their opinions to mainstream viewers.
    I hope you continue with the debriefs,and it was great to hear you on blogtalk radio the other night!

  5. You guys are so funny

  6. Barney should be wearing his seatbelt. Stay safe guys.

  7. Hey Cliff I would love to know when you guys filmed down there cause I live closer to beaver creek and if I'm not mistaken you guys may have pushed somethings r way cause I've been hearing strange things over the passed six months more so than normal in fact my area has alot of dogs an it's not normal to be quite around here but when I started hearing things more the one thing I wasn't hearing was the normal dog activity like alot of reports around here mention thanks for listening

  8. well cliff you done a nother great job and i myself and all the other fans out there appreciate you doing these debriefs .I will be keeping a eye on salt forlk as ive told you . again great job ps tell bobo we scored that dive a 10 lol would have rather seen matt bite it though. just picking he deservers respect for doing all he has for this research but the network is killing him by only showing the parts where he is saying THATS A SQUATCH but what can you expect from tv.

  9. So funny…I laughed so hard. Keep it up. We are loving it out here in Cali! Remember Cali?

    Your old friend PK!

  10. We all know deep down that Bigfoot isn't real. Are we seriously supposed to go along with all this?

    Your debriefing is fun to watch, but come on already.

    Good luck on your search I'd be surprised and thrilled if you found anything.

  11. Cliff did you know that Tcsjrbigfoot did a whole radio show debunking Squatchmaster ? January 2010 forget the name of his radio show it only lasted 4 weeks . Tim Stovar has had a real problem with any researcher in the Ohio /PA area that gets more publicity then he. He especially can't tolerate someone getting good video even if considered blobsquatchy to most normal BF researchers. He went after a respected researcher in PA just because he was getting alot of activity in his area of West Moreland county. Stovar literally tried to destroy the guy on his blog at the time. Since then he has deleted all those comments when people got upset with him and he began to lose subscribers. Please do a background check on these guys before you make their 15 minutes of fame come true. Because if you had just monitored his Youtube site since October 2011 you would have seen a marked increase in Audio/Video reports from him claiming everything from BF Tracks, Thermal sightings, Paranormal activity, Tree Knocking, Eyeshine videos, nearly every possible Bogfoot evdence you can get he got on the run up to his starring appearence on FINDING BIGFOOT his greatest acheviment so far ! This guy is a known hoaxer in Ohio BF circles and would literally do anything to get publicity for himself. He literally put up a video of himself during the holidays talking about how he every year he takes turkeys to the Salvation Army to be given to the homeless. Why tell people on video your a great person, helping the poor? Because he got really bad publicity the week before going after another researcher !
    He bought a Flir for $1200.00 the cheapest one you can get, with in 2 weeks of getting it he posts a video of a supposed BF walking in front of camera for 30 seconds. All within 2 weeks ! Since then he has posted 2 more videos of BF on Flir . I know honest researchers who have tried for 15 years to get video of a Squatch n thermal and have not succeeded. Stovar has 3 videos in 5 months …lol

  12. I really like the whole group, even Renee with her always being the skkeptic. I love Matt even though he jumps way to fast at claiming Squatch. Like J Fox says though its hard to say how often or how it really comes out after they edit it for TV to make it exciting.

  13. My mom and I really appreciated the Grateful Dead reference in the Ohio episode! Sugaree!

  14. Actually,we had a blast doing the show. What amazes me is how an innocent little video got blown so far out of proportion. Thank you very much Finding Bigfoot for having us on. We totally enjoyed doing this with all you guys.It truly was a great thing doing this,we've had so many great things come about since the show aired. We are are now a BIG deal here and are in great demand. Thanks again guys. Best of luck to you. JP

  15. Where the hell is interstate 5 in ohio….are you all retards…cmon man….no interstate 5 at all…grow a brain

  16. For whatever it's worth, there is no Olympic Peninsula in Ohio either. However, you can talk about Ohio no matter where you are, whether one is on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, or on Interstate 5 in Washington…