Nov 252012

When I first heard that Finding Bigfoot would be heading to Oklahoma, I immediately assumed we would visit the southeast corner of the state where there are mountains and thick forests. I was a little surprised when I found I was incorrect, and that we would be going to Oklahoma City instead. Certainly there was more bigfoot activity around Honobia and the other small towns down in the southeast. However, the evidence that was bringing us to Oklahoma City was compelling enough to make me very excited about what we’d be doing.

The area we investigated on the OK episode.

We were to meet with a man named Roger Roberts who had been looking into bigfoot encounters on a nearby Indian reservation. This reservation had quite a bit of activity over the years, including rumors of a video taken on a surveillance camera from the parking lot. This video purportedly showed a bigfoot raiding the grease trap behind a casino. The video is reported to had been destroyed at the direction of the tribal elders, though a number of witnesses had seen the video before it disappeared. The elders were rightly concerned because after word leaked out that bigfoots were being seen on the reservation, several horses were shot dead. Apparently, people would drive onto the reservation at night spotlighting the woods, and when they saw eye shine at a good height above the ground, they would shoot to kill (This is just one of many, many reasons I strongly advocate NOT trying to kill a sasquatch.). Roger had some footprint evidence, as well as some hair samples that he collected from the same time period that he strongly suspected was of sasquatch origin.

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  1. I didn't know that there were so many sightings of Bigfoot in Oklahoma City.

  2. Love the show. I consider myself a 'hopeful skeptic'…doubting their existence but sooo hoping you prove me wrong!! OK seemed like an odd place for Bigfoot but turned out to be quite interesting.

  3. Cliff, it was great to Renea get befuddled with her not being to match the lack of straddle in the walk recreation. She start believing soon I think! Most great Apes really don't spend a lot of time in water so why do you think BFs are found so often near rivers?

  4. Happy birthday Cliff!! Hope you have a great one!! Keep up the great work!!

  5. cuz they are PEOPLE and not APE!

  6. Have you considered going international for a special? Also what about joining forces or sharing information with other researchers. For example on Destination Truth they have also done DNA testing on hair samples that were fresh and they came up "not human", " primate" & " unknown origin". I would think comparing that sample with yours, even degraded may have strong similarities.
    I pray for your success & safety. I pray that Bigfoots will be proven and accepted as much as any other wild creature. I believe they can be proven and yet remain elusive. I wonder though if like bears and crocs that come into populated areas if development and climate changes cause more sightings of squatch as behaviors adapt to environmental changes.

  7. This was very interesting to me as it is relatively near where I live in NE Texas. Those folks in Honobia truly believe. I've been through there while working.

  8. Not to answer for Cliff, but I believe they have an episode or two that will be international this year. I heard they went to the mountains where the Yeti is believed to exist. Destination Truth, Josh and the gang have found some good evidnece also. Trouble is DT is on Scyfy and FB is on Discovery and Cliff said in a post last year that all of the evidence found on any FB outing belongs to Discovery; I would assume DT and ScyFy would be the same.

  9. Congrats on another season of finding bigfoot. Ya should really try to get renea to do some squatchy calls due to her being female. Maybe she bring in a biggin.

  10. I am the founder of Leflore County Paranormal Society in S.E. Oklahoma. I read that you did the OKC area, but, am very interested in doing a great investigation in this area. Honobia and the quachita wilderness area. My team nor I have never done a BF investigation and not sure how to go about setting up and performing such investigation. If you are interested in doing an investigation in our area, please hit me up and let me know. You can find us on FB at Leflore county paranormal society and also at both of our sites: and also our main site at thank you.