May 042011
Remember that two-month hiatus I had to be really secretive about a while back?  Well, I’ve been given permission from a bigfoot’s lawyer to say a little bit now…
During that time, I was given the opportunity to travel the country and do on-site bigfoot investigations for an upcoming Animal Planet six-part series on everybody’s favorite unknown biped.  The series will be entitled, Finding Bigfoot, and will premiere on Sunday June 5th at 9 pm (ET/PT).  
While I prefer myself to be referred to as from “North American Bigfoot,” both Matt Moneymaker and Bobo (two of the other three cast members) are BFRO members.  The organization will be freqently cited in the series for their unique database and long-standing contributions to bigfootery.  
I still cannot say much about the individual episodes until they air, but there are many stories and details that I’m looking forward to writing about in the coming months.  More on this as I’m able…
Thank you all for your patience on my “big announcement.”  It’s not official recognition of the species, but I hope you think it’s cool.  
Cliff on location at a very cool place.

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  1. Sounds Great cant wait to see it!!

  2. I can't wait to see this, been waiting forever(seem like it).. If it does well will there be more episodes filmed?

  3. Looking forward to watching this series. It sounds exciting.

  4. Congrats Cliff. I am looking forward to seeing the show.

  5. I've already tried to post once, so if you see two from me, then I appologize! Anyway, congrats on the series! So excited to watch it. I was actually at the second filming (I won't name where) and met you briefly. There were so many people though I won't hold it against you for not remembering:-) Can't wait for June 5th!

  6. Sounds cool, and I'm looking forward to watching it. Hope Animal Planet is giving a fair shake on the whole story.

  7. I'm so excited for this series! I was at one of the film sites (2nd one I believe). I hope I didn't make an idiot of myself on camera 🙂 Should be an exciting show and huge step forward for the cause

  8. I saw a bigfoot at spinglake, near Dardanelle,Ark. in National forrest. There were six of us that saw it, was years ago. We reported it to the sherrif and he laughed at us. Never in our lives were we so terrified, even though it was not aggressive towards us. anyone who sees one knows the pure fear it creates. Just wanted to share.