May 042012

Being on television is a great privilege, yet it brings great responsibility.  The cast of Finding Bigfoot is always at the ready for when duty calls, as it did last night on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report.  Stephen Colbert, a personified light of freedom in a world of dark ignorance, summoned us to help him in his hour of need.  Watch the clip below to find out how.


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  1. Cliff,

    When are you going to get some more field notes up for us to study? Any updates on the massive foot print find recently? I know they had to dry out and all but are you close to being able to analyze them yet? My need for Squatch evidence from you is overflowing. I hold your analysis of evidence in high regard, right below such high profile anthropologists as Dr. Meldrum.

  2. That was ''AWESOME'' Cliff!!!! And ''PHUNNY''! Bigdad.P.S. Miss the Video Debriefs with Craig.

  3. Cliff, when are you going to post some more field notes or maybe something about the big foot print find a short while ago? It seems like its been so long since we got something here……

  4. I know that this was meant for humor; however, thinking critical and with a slight dab of politics wouldn't this be a sign of which someone is generating money from American citizens without effort of follow through politically? Like a big scam…