Nov 152011

  No Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: Our Extreme Animal Phobias”

  1. Where was Ranae on this interview?

  2. Sound like reasonable phobias. Mine was always bears. When I camp, that's the only thing I worry about running into. I used to camp in the Sierras and the rangers would post pictures of what bears did to camps and cars. I would lie in my tent all night just listening keenly. My friends would make it worse by telling me that bears were attracted to the fruity smell of my hair spray. Hee hee

  3. Personally im afraid of bigfoot, its just seeing a 8 to nine foot giant is creepy to me. Am I the only one whos like this?

  4. She told Animal Planet, "The only animal I'm afraid of is man, homo sapien."

  5. Cool, but I wouldn't call polar bears scary.