Aug 112012

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  1. I'm very excited! Someone needs to take Moneymaker aside about that "animals" reference. (rolling my eyes) I'm excited to see y'all at work. I'll be plugging it big-time on Ghost Hunting Theories.

  2. proud of u renae. first squatch call lol 🙂

  3. Awesome ! I'm am so stoke for the new season ! Bring it on

  4. Can't wait. Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo

  5. Man I missed it… Well it come on again soon?

  6. I am excited for the next season and can't wait!

  7. Been waiting what seems like forever for the new season too start. My Sunday nights have been empty without it!

  8. Me and my family can't wait Cliff you guys are the best keep up the great work!! We wanted to know if there are plans to put the past finding Bigfoot shows on DVD in the future???

  9. Looking forward to it!

  10. Getting sick of watching same stories in new locations. When will we actually see some real proof ? Or am i wasting my time hoping ? Enjoy the show, look fwd to some actual results in future, good luck !

  11. Food for thought: North America has probably the highest density encounter numbers in the world for squatches. Why would someone really want or need to go to other countries when we have a bunch of squatches here?

    Paranoid rant: Media. Well, media and marketing. They want to "mix" things up a bit. I would be disappointed and surprised if the actual cast/researchers on the Finding Bigfoot team would pick to go as a
    first option to Sumatra, Australia, etc. Soooo expensive. Save the money and buy more air time for local searches.

    Anyway, glad to see more seasons! welcome back!

  12. Enough with the speculation and teasers. Can anyone say WHEN the new season will start?

  13. In the episodes where the creature was stealing pigs, or places where they frequent, couldn't some video cameras be set up?

  14. Agreed

  15. This is my theory for finding the Sasquatch. You will have to pimp Patty, that's the name I gave the female squatch, Roger Patterson made famous. To attract others. You put up a big screen and run the video of Patty day and night. Now she looks like a fine specimen to pull some of the male squatches in the area. Patty is the right bait to use to attract them. I got a feeling that I should have told James "Bobo" fay he`s the one that comes up with some good ideas. Just run the video of her walking on the video stop and start the movement. Now you place trail cameras in the woods around the area. I know you want to see one, but you may see more than one. Patty is a fine looking female, right Bobo. So give the idea some thought please.