Feb 182012

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  1. This was yet another great video wrap-up of the episode. I really enjoyed it. It made me homesick for my home state. I hope y'all get to WV some time. Now, that is a ridiculously good place. I love the idea of surveillance at base camp. I am so happy that your team is adaptable to new techniques and changing it up.

  2. Thanks again for the great debrief Cliff.Detailed and informative as usual!

  3. Have you ever tried recoding the sound of kids playing/laughing and babies crying and blasting it out into the woods to see if there's any reaction from a bigfoot? Seems as though they are curious creatures, ad you have said many times they respond different to females. I was thinking of the Ohio episode when the female bigfoot was watching the mother and her kids playing in the yard.

  4. Excellent info here Cliff. When you can get back to Michigan!

    Best regards,
    JR Courtland

  5. Clif,
    I think the show is great and i like all of you guys.. I think you guys each bring an important perspective that may not happen if you were'nt a group..Other than Moneymaker saying that any fart he hears in the woods is a squatch and some of Bobo's surfer lingo you guys bring the best show there is on the subject.. itruly think matt and Bobo r cool guys and are all about finding the truth and am not running them down i just want you guys to aschieve the goal and be taken seriously, when i sit and watch the show with my very analytical educated father , some of that type of stff makes him think its hokey.. Anyway just a small amt of constructive criticism, i really think you guys r great..
    " the beast of gun hill' In that episode you guys come to the conclusion that Bobo is larger than the Bigfoot seeen in the film.. im not sure abt this bc the Bigfoot was in at least a fooot and a half of water and was squating down as one would have to when water is rushing like it was at the time he was crossing the stream. When Bobo crosses it ius much less volume of water and u can see his feet.. I don't think it waS A BIGFOOT BY THE REACTION OF THE WITNESS, HE WAS CLOSE TO THAT THING AND he didnt see what it was?? Does the gentleman run an atv tour business,maybe he's trying to get people to come to his riding tours!!! If he was that close how could he not know what he saw,and why did the thing not turn and look or if it was human why didnt it wave or at leaST ACKNOWLEDGE HIS PRESENCE… was he a pissed off hunter that was mad the atv was in the creek,, doubt it.. I think it was a set up or possibly a squatch.. leaning towrd hoax and if the guy owns an atv touring business def hoax..cliff keep up the good work. I like your objectivity and level of reality.. the rest of the team is awesome too justa few little tweaks and you guys could really look totally professional and maybe get this thing in the mainstream science and investigation like it should be.. He's out there i think..Oh yeah by the way thoes prints you found they look like fakes… I know you were there but some of the photos look like its a stiff boars like material making the prints and the toes look too uniform..truly hope thgey r real..But my gut tells me they r fakes…Good luck

  6. Autumn, you a Mountain Momma? Country roads, take me home. I'm a West Virginian myself and cannot wait for the team to possibly make a trek there and do an episode, fingers crossed* As far as this episode went, its just my opinion that Chuck should've been able to identify what it was with no problem what so ever. He was very close and that was documented during the reenactment. The fact that he couldn't leaves to conclude that this was no Bigfoot and he knows it.

  7. They need to come to Hampshire County, WV, it is a very 'Squatchy area and a hotspot of activity. It reminds me a lot of "Take me home, Country Roads, one of my favorite songs.

  8. i really enjoyed this interview. Thank you Cliff & Stay safe.

  9. Hi Cliff, really great to have you do this after-show debrief as it adds a lot to the episode. I am wondering about the lack of game cams in your investigations and why, unlike other such programmes, audio analysis is not part of the show's format (for growls, whistles, knocks); I believe this was done with a witness' recording but it's not done with your own. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Martin