Oct 032011
On February 16, 2011, I did an investigation to a place near Bull Mountain, GA where I found some very interesting footprints.  These prints were cast and documented as part of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series.  Photographs of these prints and the details surrounding their discovery are detailed on this page, as well as this page.  
As the pages linked above clearly show, the source of these prints is still unclear.  However, it never occurred to me  that they could be from Cody Lundin from Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival.  Thank you, Lavinco from YouTube for clearing this up for me!  Hilarious!
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  1. Love it. Nicely clipped together, Cliff!

    Tyler Huggins
    Calgary Alberta

  2. Wait, didn't the barefoot dude say he was in Kentucky?

  3. Have you heard of Vibram Five Fingers? Need to check it out, lots of people hike in them.
    ~ Stephanie
    Ohio, USA