Jan 052012

This past week, I was whisked away to New York City to do a media appearance on Fox News’ morning show, Fox and Friends.  Being Fox News, I got a brief heckling about how my last name resembles our President’s first name, and then the interview started.  The clip is below, so enjoy!

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  1. Cliff braving the zeitgeist, great job!

  2. Hey Cliff,
    Tomm Naff here. A good interview, but one question: Will future episodes of "Finding Bigfoot" have more substance, and less hype?
    I hope so!

  3. You did a great job, as always, well spoken and enthusiastic. Keep being yourself and sticking with your stance. We respect you for those things.

  4. i believe there is at 17 i found prints near mt Rainer

  5. Great interview, Cliff! I love watching, Finding Bigfoot. Since I'm Native American, I believe that humans share this earth with animals we can see, and some we can't. A lot of Indian people believe that Sasquatch is a spirit, who appears to just certain people. I've been fascinated with Cryptozoology and Paleotology all my 43 years. Cliff, you're awesome!

  6. I think you lost him when you mentioned that humans are great apes. They're not into all that evolution nonsense at Fox.

  7. Great job Cliff!I think you lost the guy.Well done.

  8. Hey Cliff,

    Great interview and I agree with you, it does not matter if others believe. They did not believe in the world being round or in the mountain gorilla. Guess what the earth is round and gorillas exist. Keep to the evidence brother!

  9. Well done my friend, well done!

  10. Fantastic Job Cliff!
    Sad it had to be on Fox, but you add a great deal of credibility to their entire network!

  11. Awesome job on the show Cliff! Glad they sent you. You rolled with the few punches but I'm not sure some other people could have.

  12. Cliff- you handled yourself well as usual where discussing Sasquatches is concerned. I think if more doubters would pick up a few well written books on the subject and do a little research on sasquatches they would be surprised. I was shocked to know that as humans we have as many hair folicles as non- human primates! There is so much more to learn about our wonderful world. Keep on lighting the way!

  13. Dr Johnson, you're mistaken. Human beings related to great apes has absolutely nothing to do with evolution. It has to do with taxonomy. Two different things. Cliff was right in his taxonomy, and the reporter was right to be skeptical regarding the existence of Bigfoot (despite the best efforts of BFRO researchers, the evidence is still weak at this point). Great interview, Cliff. Keep up the great work with the BFRO team.

  14. Love FOX news and finding bigfoot! hope you get to do it for ten seasons!

  15. It's ok Cliff everyone who knows the truth believes you besides fox news is lame