Jun 212013

A cool groove, deeply insightful lyrics, and a geometric bigfoot.  What more could a song offer?

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  1. Very Cute! I am disturbed though that he has big feet but no arms.

  2. Drip feeding the children… Bigfoot is real!!!

  3. LOL! I Love this! Where'd you find this? Wow. Good gracious! James Brown meets Big Foot. Look at my big feet. Mmmm humongous feet. When he looks down at his feet on the rock I about lost it. Too funny.
    Thanks for posting this.

  4. this is a very cute song and animation I have been saying right know a Bigfoot song would really be a hit, Like the country western song" Pontoon Boating" you know like the like ( going motor boating) chorus ( We be going Bigfooting") We think with your adventure with Bobo , Matt and Ren'e this could be a great for the lyrics. Your a song writer think this out. and go with it on you spare time, you could have a number one hit! I have messed with the lyric and come up with some good lines. Can't wait until your next shows for this season. Last weekend we camped at Hillcreek Lake out side of Oakridge Oregon and last Saturday we hear Tree knocks and we saw a deer cross the lake by swimming across it a 1/4 of a mile, this deer was so freaked out when it got to the other side were we our camp was and it went back in to the water and swam across the water finger to out camp and came out of the lake right by us and went in to the forest. Later that night we felt uncomfortable and our dog was up all night watching out the tent screen door and we hear brush cracking and some more knocks but nothing happened. We would love to se one. we are always looking for bigfoot.