Jun 082013

One of my contacts from New England just gave me permission to share a recording he recently obtained.  His research has focused on an area of high activity in a national forest near his home.  By frequenting the area, he has obtained some interesting interactions, including this one below.

I love his reaction to the sounds…  At first he’s excited, but when the sounds get louder he becomes a bit more apprehensive about the situation (the clip was edited to take out an expletive).  Very cool…

  No Responses to “New England Knocks”

  1. Always wonder if that happens more times then not.

  2. Wow! Haha that's cool, and funny 🙂


  3. It's probably another researcher on the other side of the forest freaking out that he's *also* getting Bigfoot on tape, LOL

  4. I guess you had to be there. I'm not impressed.

  5. Cool! I love seeing stuff from New England. Home Sweet Home!

  6. what state was this in?