North American Bigfoot Expeditions – Schedule and Prices


Expeditions will run from May through September.  Though these are the summer months, the Pacific Northwest has unpredictable weather, especially at higher altitudes.  During particularly nasty years, snow can last until July, limiting access to ridge lines until midsummer.  Rain and cold temperatures can happen, and should be expected, every month of the year.  Expeditions will occur no matter the weather conditions, so consider what level of discomfort you’re willing to put up with when scheduling your trip.  The nicest weather usually occurs in July and August.

Prices for expeditions will vary depending on the guest speakers, meals served, and number of hosts that help me.  The prices shown under the dates below reflect the price of one person followed by the price for one partner accompanying them at a 25% discount (it’s more fun to squatch with a friend).  For example, $800/$600 means that for the first person it is $800 and for one friend accompanying the attendee the cost is $600.  Together, that is $1400.  

The complete 2018 expedition schedule will be released over the coming months. 

May 24 – 27
Special Guest: Joe Beelart

June ?

July ?

August ?

September ?

Daily schedules will be released to expedition attendees through the private forum after registration.


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