Sep 062011

I am continually blown away by the creativity and talent of the people who contact me.  Most recently, a friend of the ‘squatch sent me a surprise piece of art depicting the cast of Finding Bigfoot.  Matt is shown in the strongly-opinionated-proclamation pose he often assumes, Ranae in her slinky field gear never seen on camera, Bobo in his smiley overseeing stance, and me in an apparent action pose, all supervised by the ever-knowing glare of a sasquatch.  In true comic book fashion, the cast of Finding Bigfoot has probably never looked better.

Special thanks to Rick for this monumental accomplishment of artistic talent.  Please take some time to peruse his other galleries that can be seen in this gallery by clicking here.  You can go straight to his website,, by clicking that link.

For you folks who never outgrew coloring, here’s a printable version to fill in.  Break out your Crayolas!

  No Responses to “Rictor-Riolo’s Finding Bigfoot Art”

  1. Damn! That is to just too much fun, but I admit I got distracted–Rick is VERY HOT!

  2. Thanks autumnforest! And thank you Cliff!

  3. Hey no fair. Bun-Bun isn't in the printable version.

  4. Fun drawing. I will have to bust out my crayolas.

  5. Bunbun was a last minute addition to the drawing. I will email the black and white Bunbun version to Cliff so Andrea can color it. 🙂