May 072012

My blog has been pretty quiet lately, but I have not been idle.  There is a lot going on, and I have been very busy documenting the London Tracks.  Just cleaning and photographing them took over four days.  Now that I have assembled much of the necessary data and documentation, the analysis can begin.

Just to whet your appetite for what’s to come, here is a short teaser I put together for your enjoyment.

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  1. Should have stopped at 69…hence the "teaser". 😉

  2. Nice Cliff! Way to work it. I've been jonesing for this discoveries analysis and it looks like you are going to deliver in a big way. I can't imagine just how excited you must be, hell, I'm excited as can be and all I'm doing is waiting around for info. I'm sure you and whomever you assemble to analyze these prints will do them justice. Congrats again on a potentially amazing find. Good luck, Cliff!

  3. you rock dude. thank you for your energy and enthusiasm. you are the best spokesperson for this field of research. you have maintained a sense of awe and wonder and excitement (how could you not be excited about these discoveries?). i hope you are there when "it" (the next PGF) happens.

  4. Cliff, I hate to WHET on your parade but did you notice the shortness of the steps? You seemed to have a bigger gate that the squatch did. Do you think its a smal juvenile or what?

  5. I thought it was decided that these tracks were not real but hoaxed. Guess not? Thanks, Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo

  6. I do believe Herr Flippy is having a serious effect on your work!!! Could be a good thing… I sensed his influence on the sound track. Could be mistaken… Keep them teases rolling in. We are paying attention.

  7. Average Joe – My steps are not visible in the film. However, the step length of the tracks varied between 42 and 58 inches along the length of the trackway. Doing the math, that indicates a stride length of 84 to 116 inches.

    I do not know if this was a juvenile. It might have been a smallish adult female, or perhaps a juvenile male. Maybe even a sub-adult female. Who knows? Not me. I'm just here to document the find as best I can.

    I hope this helps.

  8. David (Galahdwhidbey) – Nope, the music is all mine. I recorded it in my home studio, as I did for pretty much all the music heard in my debriefs, clips, and other Youtube vids. However, just hanging out with Craig Flipy can have weird affects on the average human.

  9. I love this.

  10. cliff you are the motha_f_in man…because of you i no longer have to look for ya ya le on the syfy and your team are on animal planet were the big fella belongs..THERE REAL AND PEOPLE ARE COMIN AROUND CAUSE THEY DONT WANNA LOOK GLIB WHEN YOU AND YOUR TEAM BRING THIS EPIC GIFT OF NATURE TO THE WORLD…

  11. Thats alot of Tracks there Cliff buddy!

  12. Cliff, Awesome!!! Loved this stuff since I was a kid and now my kid is starting to love it. Are those plaster casts, or did you use something to illuminate them?

  13. Great job, Cliff! Loved the sneak peak. Goofy, yet exciting. And I can totally hear the excitement in your voice!

    Keep up the good work!


  14. Nice video Cliff.

  15. I don't understand, how long have those tracks been there and they haven't washed away, filled with debris, been walked over by other people and animals, degraded in general? Did you pour new plaster of Paris in them? Is it old stuff? It doesn't weather well. Re-cleaning again and again will change the shape over time and corrupt the originals. Please, respond.

  16. I know Mr. Barackman is very busy currently, so it may be some time before he responds, but you do ask some very good question. I also hope he gets back with you!

  17. Anonymous, if that is your real name… 🙂

    I think those tracks were laid the previous Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I filmed this on Thursday night/Friday morning. The weather was cooperative during those previous days, though I was expecting rain that very night this was filmed.

    Some tracks were in worse shape than others, but most were still very good due to the mucky substrate they were left in. A dog dug up one of the prints at the end of the track way, but most were more or less untouched due to the low traffic area and the season in which they were left.

    I did not use plaster of Paris, I used Hydrocal White. It is an excellent casting material, and far superior to plaster. What you see in the video are the prints right before I pulled them from the ground.

    I'm not sure what you're talking about with the re-cleaning comment. I only cleaned them once, and mostly with a hose, thus not leaving any damage done by a brush. A brush was only used briefly on the dirtier areas of the cast to loosen the dried mud and whatnot before hosing them down again (and again in some cases)…

    I will give much greater details on how the documentation, casting, and cleaning were done at a later date. All footprints and casts will be eventually made public, as well as close ups of the more interesting parts of the casts.

    I'm in the middle of filming season three of Finding Bigfoot at the moment, so unfortunately my time is in very short supply. I'm looking forward to working with the casts as much as you're looking forward to reading about them… Maybe even more.

    Thanks for your patience. This is going to be great.

  18. Cliff,

    I think you mentioned Dr. Meldrum as an anthropologist who will examine the prints. My question is, do you have any plans on letting Jimmy Chilcutt examine these as well? Those two would be a great combination to tackle an assignment like this IMO. What do you think? Thanks for your time.


  19. Hey Cliff,
    I'm a super big fan, can't wait to see your finished presentation. My son follows you on finding bigfoot and has lots of questions regarding field research and dealing with skeptism. You should schedule q&a'S for young researchers when/if things slow down.


  20. Cool, can't wait to hear some in depth analysis about these tracks. I'd love to see some close ups of the toes especially. Some of them almost look like they have nail drag marks like a bear print. Interested to see more!