Oct 042015

In the early morning hours of September 19, 2015, Will Robinson observed a sasquatch from fairly close range near White River, OR in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  Two nights later, Will and I were on the scene to explore the area and see if we could find the sasquatches that he encountered.  (You can read about that investigation by clicking this link.)

Before I came home from the area, I deployed two game cameras in hopes of learning about what animals are in the immediate area, and also to maybe get a shot of one of the bigfoots themselves (I am an optimist).  I returned to the area this past Thursday to pull the cameras and see what there was to learn.

This area holds a tremendous amount of deer.  Several herds of them passed each of the two deployed cameras.  I was hoping to get some photographs of bear because of the dietary similarities I hypothesize between them and sasquatches.  No bears were photographed, but several mountain lions were, which is just another indicator of the sheer number of prey animals there.

At 12:25 am on Thursday morning, a large cougar triggered the camera.  The following morning, three cougars walked in line past my camera at just before noon.  The photographs of these animals seem to indicate that all three were about the same size, so it is unknown if this is a mother and two kittens or three kittens.  Either way, it’s super cool.  Something else that’s super cool is that I showed up just 40 minutes after these three cats walked through the area, and I never knew it until I got home and checked the pics.  My dog, Xochitl, knew.  She was intently smelling the ground and tracked them up an adjacent road a little ways.

This many deer and the presence of predators in these numbers clearly indicates that this is an excellent area to continue working.  I intend to be out there for at least one night this week, and will post updates on the blog as I feel warranted.

Below is the gallery from my initial sighting follow-up, which now includes the photographs of the mountain lions.