Nov 062015

Friends of the ‘squatch Joe Beelart and Thom Powell appeared on KGW news recently.  The news segment is above.

Both men have recently authored books on the sasquatch subject.  Joe’s book, The Oregon Bigfoot Highway, details sightings and encounters along Highway 224 from Estacada, OR down to Detroit Lake.  It is an excellent read with many details left out of other books, such as names and GPS coordinates.  You can purchase this book through Amazon by clicking this link.

Thom has recently published his second non-fiction bigfoot book entitled Edges of Science, a sequel to his first ground-breaking work, The Locals.  Not being one to shy away from controversy, Thom digs in deep trying to connect sasquatches with such far-flung topics as UFOs, crop circles, and other paranormal subjects, and does so with great humor.  You can purchase Thom’s book through Amazon by clicking this link.