1986 “Rock”

Year 1988
Date Sept 29
State WA
County Walla Walla
Location Mill Creek
Found by Unknown
Documented by Unknown
Length 18 in
Width (ball) 7 in
Width (heel) 6.5 in
Step length Unknown


This cast was given to me by Ken and Linda Steigers, the lovely couple who currently own nearly all of the Freeman Collection.

I have not been able to turn up much information regarding this print, except what was written on the back of the cast by Ken Steiger. Grover Krantz’s book describes an 18 inch print that has a two cubic inch rock impressed into the sole (pg. 28), but on page 70 he states that the cast in question is shown in the center of figure 32 on page 72.. The cast in the photograph is a mere 14 inches. This is a contradiction, which leaves this matter ambiguous.

The cast is very interesting in several regards. Most obvious is the rock impression which sticks into the foot’s fat pad almost two inches. The rock was not only driven directly downwards, but also in a forward direction, which is what would be expected from a walking creature. Also of note is the extreme splaying of the toes, reinforcing the hypothesis of the flexibility of the sasquatch foot. There are several other excellent examples of this sort of flexibility from the Blue Mountains, possibly showing the same individual.

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