1993 Sayward BC

Year 1993
Date  Unknown
State/Province British Columbia
Region Vancouver Island
Location Sayward
Found by Witness ID withheld
Documented by Witness ID withheld
Length  14.75 in
Width (ball)  5 in
Width (heel)  4.5 in
Step length  Unknown


This cast is one of several collected by a deer hunter and a friend on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  The hunter wishes to have his name withheld, and his wish will be respected.

This cast would have never been obtained if the witness’ wife didn’t encourage him to contact Rene Dahinden.  Dahinden advised the witness to make a plaster cast of what he found.  The witness returned to the location and made an excellent cast.  A dam had to be made around the impression in order to capture the shallow print.  Even then, only four toes registered in the substrate.

Dr. John Bindernagel heard about the sighting and eventually tracked down the witness.  The witness was hesitant to meet with a bigfoot investigator, but eventually Bindernagel was permitted to meet with him and to copy the cast.  There are still efforts to obtain the other casts from this event for duplication.

The individual sasquatch that left this footprint was certainly the same individual that left a print in Strathcona Provincial Park in 1988 some forty miles to the south.  This earlier footprint was found and cast by Dr. John Bindernagel and his wife, Joan.

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