2011 Mt. Hood

2011-08-06 16.13.40_edited Year 2011
Date August 6
State OR
County Clackamas
Location Mt. Hood
Found by Witness ID withheld
Documented by Witness
Length 16 in
Width (ball) 5.25 in
Width (heel) 3.5 in
Step length N/A


While speaking at a local event, I met a woman who told me about her husband’s bigfoot sighting and the footprint they photographed after returning to the location.  She was kind enough to share the photo with me, so it is here published for your study.

Here is an excerpt from the email she sent:

 I took this picture two summers ago.  My husband is a truck driver and used to drive from Bend to Clackamas and back every night.  One night he saw a bigfoot on the side of the road when you round the corner at Mirror Lake, near Government Camp.  A few days later, my son & I went back to the location and found this footprint in the gravel on the shoulder of the road, right where my husband said he had seen the bigfoot.  My daughter & I had a sighting one night about 4 years prior to my husbands sighting, in nearly the same location. It was at Forest Road 530, which is right before you turn off to go to Timberline Lodge if you are heading towards Bend.


A satellite view of the sighting and footprint find location off of Hwy 26 near Mt. Hood, OR

Considering that the footprint was left in a gravel surface and that the reporting witness returned to the location a few days later, this footprint retained some good detail.  No rain and not much wind erosion had touched the impression, and luckily no vehicle or animal stepped in it to distort or erase it.

Four toes are clearly visible with just a hint of the fifth digit on this right foot.  The medial edge of the footprint seems to be appropriately contoured, though the curve seems a bit far back.  It is hard to say when only one photograph is examined, and might have something to do with the substrate.

The overall length fits well into what would be expected from a sasquatch, however the widths seem slightly too narrow by about 10%.  It is interesting that both the ball and the width are “too narrow” by the same proportion.  Again, the substrate might have a lot to do with this discrepancy between the measurements and my expectations.


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