The London Trackway


Print number 100

The London Trackway is a unique event in bigfooting history.  It started with an unsuspecting sasquatch wandering out of the woods and onto the muddy shore of Cottage Grove Reservoir probably on the Saturday night/Sunday morning of Februray 11/12, 2012.  The event still has not come to an end because of the observations that are continually being made of the casts that were collected at the site.  Just as new insights are still being gleaned by examining sasquatch footprint casts taken decades ago, the London Tracks will be slowly giving their secrets away for years to come.

The information surrounding the London Trackway is organized into four sections: History, Observations, Photographs, and the Index.  The History details how these tracks came to light, as well as briefly mentioning some of the people who were involved.  The Observation section is a collection of observations by myself and others on the tracks.  This section will be frequently updated as new developments arise.  The Photograph section will have galleries of the prints for various purposes.  The Index will show photographs of each and every print and cast that was obtained, and will also include a brief narrative about that print.

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