London Trackway – Track #84


Track number 84 was the 49th consecutive cast taken from the site.  The creature’s foot penetrated the organic silt that formed the uppermost layer of substrate, and it pushed into the sand below.  This caused a very messy distal edge to the cast.  The heel impressed deeply into the substrate, and shows a nice contour towards the middle of the foot’s length where less weight was put.

Despite the messy leading edge of the cast, hints of all five digits can be seen.  There is a somewhat parabolic curve towards the toe tips.  Besides the tips of the toes, no details can be made out of any of the digits because of the substrate.  Digits number three and four are particularly evident.  Digit three impressed into the substrate a full 19 mm deeper than the fourth digit.  I believe this is evidence of independent toe movement.

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