London Trackway – Track #1


This is the very first track that I was able to discern from the trackway.  It appeared after the creature walked through an area that was largely dominated by grass, thus not able to clearly indicate footprints in the ground.  Even this print is barely a half-track, at best.  The fore foot is impressed clearly, but the back part of the foot is far more ambiguous.  While this impression offered some data as far as ball width, it offered very little when looking at the length of the print.  Had I been on the trackway during daylight, perhaps more information could have been taken from this site, but circumstances were not optimal.

Even though very little information could be gleaned from this impression, the ball was measured at 5.5 inches across.  No heel width was able to be measured, and neither was overall length of the print.  Still, this footprint was very interesting when taken in context with the rest of the trackway.


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