London Trackway – Track #39


Though the cast of track number 39 seems blobby and distorted, it displays some very important and subtle details that make it very unlikely that the trackway could have been hoaxed.  Chief among these is the depth to which the toes impressed in this print.  Many of the London Tracks seem to duplicate the others in how deeply the toes impressed compared to each other.  This is one of only a few examples where the pattern does not hold.  As can be seen in the photographs, the second digit did not impress as deeply into the substrate as either the first or third digits.  It would be next to impossible for a rigid prosthetic to produce a track such as this when most of the others did not show this detail.  It was because of this detail that Dr. Jeff Meldrum chose this cast to be among the score or so he scanned into the Virtual Footprint Archive housed through Idaho State University.

The cast is only a partial casting, with the toes showing up best of all the parts of the foot.  The impression was apparently stepped on at some point, probably while Chris Minniear and I frantically worked through the night to cast as many prints as possible, thus distorting the pristine footprint seen in the photos before it was cast.  Faint signs of boot tread can be seen in the cast itself that do not appear in the impression photos.

Between digits one and two, there is a 25 mm difference in depth, while between digits two and three there is a 8 mm difference in depth.  Striations are visible on the distal ends of the digits, and those on digit two have slightly different vectors than on digits one and three.

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