London Trackway – Track #4


This right footprint shows a very nicely rounded heel that is very natural looking. It is smooth around the edges which is indicative of the soft, smooth edge of a living foot rather than the sharply defined outline of a wooden prosthetic. The heel seemed to impress at a very low angle as would be expected from a foot moving forward, giving a shallow slope to the proximal side of the heel impression.

All five digits can be discerned in the nighttime photograph, with the first three digits impressing more deeply in a grasping action than the fourth and fifth digits. Also of note is a slight bulging on the lateral edge of the foot about half way up. Though not certain, this corresponds nicely to the location where the inferred location of where fifth metatarsal meets the cuboid based on the bone reconstructions done by both Dr. Krantz and Dr. Meldrum.


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