London Trackway – Track #44


London Track number 44 is clearly shows all five digits, as well as the contours of the foot.  Most of the toes seemed to pull out diagonally, but the fourth and fifth digits did so at a different angle.  In fact the fifth digits seems to have gone in and out almost perpendicularly to the ground.  The first digit, or hallux, shows a bend in the toe that seemingly corresponds to the interphalangeal joint.

The differences in depth varies between toes.  Between the first and second digit is 6 mm; between the second and third is 9 mm; between the third and fourth is 10 mm; and between the fourth and fifth is 5 mm.

The foot shape is natural, and the proportions correspond nicely with other footprints from the data set.  The lateral side of the foot impressed more deeply in the substrate.

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