London Trackway – Track # 46


The 46th footprint was the twelfth footprint to be cast in a row out of 64.  The substrate where this impression was left was covered in a layer of moss which gives the resulting cast a very rough look.  In the cast itself, individual filaments of organic matter can be easily observed.

The cast of this print shows interesting foot features.  It has a very nicely defined ball, clearly much further forward than would be found in a human.  The heel segment of the foot is clearly defined, especially along the lateral side of the foot.  Its outline is nicely rounded in a natural fashion.

All five digits are clearly visible in the cast.  The third digit impressed a full 8 mm deeper into the ground than the fourth digit.  Also of note in this cast is that the striations that are visible on the toe tips have slightly different trajectories and curvatures (see photo), thus indicating individual toe movements as they either impressed into or pulled out of the ground.

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