London Trackway – Track #47


Track number 47 was the 13th consecutive cast to be taken.  It is generally a blobby print, but as is often the case with the less-clean examples, it shows some interesting features.  Much, if not all, of the toe impressions and details have been obliterated by the damage done to the ground by the anterior of the foot.  However, the heel impression is quite “clean” and shows a naturally rounded shape, both along the proximal edge and the underlying contours.

When initially impressing into the ground, the heel seems to have slipped forward and to the left slightly leaving striations in the print.  It also displaced a layer of mud laterally upwards and back.  This rounded part of the impression shows what could be interpreted as skin detail such as creases or folds, and possibly a small patch of dermatoglyphics.  Gravity and weathering seems to have taken care of most dermatoglyphics that might have been present when the trackway was made five or more days earlier.

Track 47 is a good lesson for bigfoot enthusiasts in that even some of the messiest footprints hold good information.  I strongly encourage every bigfooter to cast each and every footprint possible until the casting material is depleted.  Plaster is cheap, and trackways are extremely rare.

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