London Trackway – Track 48


London Track number 48 barely registered in the clay ground of the reservoir.  The three first digits impressed a little ways into the soil, but virtually nothing else did.  However, in the daytime photograph of the print, one can see the shape of the rest of the foot by the debris that stuck on the bottom of the foot and was left there from the previous impressions.  This is a strong testament to the practice of photographing the footprint before casting it.

On the cast, there is a large amount of plaster in a blobby shape where the casting material overflowed the impression.  To make sure I captured as much detail as possible, I spilled the plaster over the edges to record the substrate.  Looking back, I should have done this over the area where the rest of the foot contacted the ground as well, however I didn’t notice the detail in the dark when I was casting it.  As I often say, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re probably not bigfooting.

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