London Trackway – Track #53




Track number 53 was the 18th print to be cast.  Being so shallow, this footprint presented a bit of a problem when I was casting it.  I had to pour the casting material over and around the impression rather than into it since there was so little depth the print itself.  The resulting cast captured some of the cracks that can be seen in the surrounding substrate.  This cracking was a result of the contraction of the mud as it dried.

Only three digits are visible in this cast, as is the case in many of the London Tracks.  It seems that this sasquatch utilized the first, second, and third digits in a grasping action as it walked, but the fourth and fifth digits were not really a part of this grasping.

It is the observation of this three-toed grasping that changed my mind about the potential authenticity of other three-toed tracks.  Certainly, many of the three-toed tracks from other locations are hoaxes, but it would be interesting to take another look at many of the specimens to see if this grasping action of the first three digits could be a possible explanation for this peculiarity.

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