London Trackway – Track 59


Track 59 of the London series produced a messy cast, to say the least.  The sloppy appearance of the cast is due to the mossy organic substrate from which it was cast.  There are areas where the creature’s foot penetrated deeply into the mud underneath the mossy layer, though. and some details can be observed from this area.

Only three toes are clearly shown in this cast, as is often the case in the London series.  This tridactyl grabbing motion observed in so many casts from this data set often produces a raised furrow of mud behind the toes, and this cast is an excellent example of this.  The furrow was raised 1.2 cm above the rest of the substrate.  As would be expected, this furrow is most prominent behind the first three digits, though it does extend to behind the fourth digit as well.  The furrow has a sharp and steep proximal contour possibly indicating the toes pushing backwards into the substrate as the creature propelled itself forward, piling the furrow up and creating a nearly vertical wall of substrate.

The heel contour, though hard to see in the photographs, is nicely rounded and naturally shaped.  It impresses slightly deeper into the substrate than the mid part of the foot, though not much.

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