London Trackway – Track #6


The sixth footprint in the London Trackway is one of the best defined, as well as one of the prettiest due to the lovely fern seen by the fourth and fifth digits.  The muddy substrate was well held-together by the organic material growing throughout the mud as can be seen in the daytime photo in the gallery below.

The curves along the lateral edge of the foot seem to be much further forward than what would be expected in a human footprint of any size.  This was first noticed by Dr. Grover Krantz, and great detail is given in his excellent book about this anatomical feature.

Below is a footprint from the Patterson/Gimlin subject superimposed on track number six.  As you can see, the digits, lateral and medial edges and heel shapes are all very congruent.  The size is a near match as well, with Patty’s cast being a bit over 14.5 inches, and this print being just a hair under 15 inches.

Here are some other photos of the footprint:

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