London Trackway – Track #61


London Track number 61 seems unremarkable at first, but a closer inspection reveals a couple of interesting features.  At first glance, it seems that the track shows little depth, but in actuality, the medial (inside) edge of the foot impressed fairly deeply into the substrate.  This medial edge left a nicely contoured shape to the foot, strongly resembling the hourglass shape that has often been noted in bigfoot footprints from the data set.

Only three toes deeply impressed into the ground, but the fourth digit is barely discernible.  No trace of the fifth digit can be found.  Striations are present in the toe impressions, but they end shortly above the deepest part of the toe print.

There is an area on the heel that lacks the rough markings of the substrate.  This is from where the creature stepped on a leaf.  The veins of the leaf are plainly visible.

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