London Trackway – Track #64


Though it looks a bit bland at first glance, cast number 29 has some extremely interesting features. It is an excellent example of the beauty found in subtleties.

The print’s lateral edge impresses the deepest, followed by the heel and ball. The contours on the outside of the foot seem naturally shaped and smooth with a nice roundness to them.

The cast’s toes are of special interest. All five of the digits are visible, though the last two (numbers 4 and 5) are more vague and not as deeply impressed. Beneath the first digit seems to be a nicely-rounded toe stem, a rare feature on any cast.

Like many other London Tracks, striations appear at the end of the toes. These striations seem to be caused by irregularities on the leading edge of the structure that made the print (whether it was a fake prosthetic or a real, living foot).   This cast has striations that are not parallel to each other, indicating the possibility of independent to movement.  This independence would not be likely in a fake prosthetic.

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