London Trackway – Track #65


London track number 65 is from a print that was difficult to find on site.  The area where this print was impressed was under a thick mat of weeds that would be on the bottom of the lake for most of the year when the reservoir holds water.  The clearest indication of the print was the toe impressions, but only three toes are visible.  The toes impressed over 1.5 cm into the ground despite the layer of organic material it had to press through.

This cast has an artifact that deserves more attention.  Behind the toes, there is a ridge that lifted up a line of substrate about a centimeter above the ground.  There are two obvious explanations for this, only one of which could be true.  First, the ridge could be a function of a fake prosthetic raising a line of soil on the final push off of the foot.  The second explanation is that the toes of a living foot raised this ridge on push off, possibly in conjunction with a grasping action of the digits.

While the legitimacy of the prints will never be known for sure, weighing the evidence in favor of and against a hoax increases our knowledge base about footprints in general, and gives us things to look for in future and past track finds.  Experiments will be needed to further explore the possibilities of how to recreate artifacts such as this one in other prints.

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