London Trackway – Track #67


London Track number 67 was from when the track maker was walking up a slight slope towards the shore of the lake bed.  This area is much more sandy, and even where an organic layer tops the substrate, this layer is quite thin.  Due to this, there is a difference in coloration between the toe area on this cast and the rest of the foot.  The toes impressed more deeply into the substrate, breaking through to the sand below.  The sand left an orange coloration to this part of the cast.

The first digit impressed most deeply of the three that are visible in this cast.  The foot shape has a nice contour resembling an hourglass.

This cast shows an artifact found in many of the casts.  There was a raised line of dirt that runs across the foot in a line right behind the toes.  This feature raises doubts about the authenticity of the tracks.  As of this writing (4/14), experiments are underway to help determine if the casts were made by sasquatch feet or a fake prosthetic.

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