London Trackway – Track #70


London Track number 70 was left in a nice patch of sandy substrate, which recorded the general shape of the foot quite nicely, but with few details.  The deepest part of the impression is the lateral side of the ball and heel, with the ball being slightly deeper.

There is a parabolic bend between the ball and toes which would cause some concern if this cast was in isolation from the rest of the data set.  While it is possible for a real foot to leave this sort of shape in the print, it is highly indicative of a rigid prosthetic.  However, with such a large number of prints available for study, many examples showing a variety of curves in this area minimize the concern of a hoax.

The second digit impressed most deeply in this print, contrasting sharply with other casts, particularly print number 39.  The difference in depth between digit one and two is 10 mm (with digit two being deepest, which is rare for the London tracks); between two and three is 2 mm; between three and four is 12 cm; and between four and five is 5 mm.

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